Holiday Leave Crashing with Manager, Was Told to Change The Day

Hi OZB, my first post here. sorry for my bad English, Im LOTE speaker.

Let's get into it. So, my gf and I were looking to have a holiday leave for 2 weeks in July 2020. So we went to talk to our manager. My gf got approved easily, big corporate, first to ask, first to get, period. I, on the other hand, work in family business. Initially, manager said there shouldn't be a problem, it's so far ahead and plenty of time for other to plan for your leave. So, we bought ticket, booked accommodation and get excited about our holiday (yay!)

Now here comes the problem, my manager just came back from holiday. We met today and I was told that manager has, in her exact word, " commitment to attend ceremony oversea in July 2020". She told me I should move my holiday as it crashes with her. She offers to help me pay some penalty fee for ticket amendment, but I think that is not the case.

My gf is not really happy, she said we shouldn't accommodate my manager and stand firm with our plan. I am not sure how to bring it up with manager. So, what do you think should be my next move? Thanks for answering my post! cheers


    • Thanks. I suppose so.

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    Unrelated, but your English is very good. Just for your information, the word that is used in the case of timetables overlapping is "clash" rather than "crash". As in "I can't go to both classes as they clash". Anyways I hope it works out!

    • The more you know, the more you feel you dont know. Thanks for the correction!

    • Yep. I must admit when I first read the thread title, I thought the OP was going on holidays and staying with their manager! :)

  • Depending on the place of work, this can happen, especially if it is a small team. Generally, you need to be aware things like this can happen.

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    I'm confused.

    Your manager has offered to pay for costs incurred in changing your travel plans, presumably you don't "need" to go on leave on the exact time you had planned, and I will assume you're being asked to move your leave by maybe a couple of weeks. What exactly is the problem?

    • GF doesn't like it if it isn't happening. So the "need" here is not to piss off the GF (which could be big ramification).

      Source: "My gf is not really happy, she said we shouldn't accommodate my manager and stand firm with our plan."

      • Yeah, I hear you, but my point was trying to understand if this is simply an inconvenience like needing to shift things by maybe a month, but with no real change of plans … or is the boss suggesting the holiday be effectively cancelled because it's to happen at a completely different and unacceptable time?

        If it's the former, then taking everything presented here on face value it may be better to make the adjustments requested, especially as OP will be compensated for it. If it's the latter, then stronger action may be warranted.

        • It's a pain in the arse to find out the cost to change/cancel/rebook things, let alone actually do it, AND you're not getting paid for your time to do all this so yeah, it IS a problem and really not as simple as 'make the adjustments requested'!

      • leave the devil gf

        • need to find another gf before leaving the current one.

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    Swap the "i" and "u" in your username and read it out to her.

    You might actually find you'll be happy to accommodate after that ;)

  • Its a shame that some people don't own up to verbal agreements :(

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    Commitment to attend ceremony overseas in July 2020… Did this manager score free tickets to the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony and wants to screw you over to get her way? Lol

  • So when was this "commitment to attend ceremony oversea in July 2020" made exactly? After you asked for your leave I bet.

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      maybe the manager's bf made the commitment ;)

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    'During October 2019 a new batch of tickets became available through CoSport which sold-out in five hours.'

    'Visit for the latest on Host City Tokyo’s preparations to welcome the world in July 2020.'

    🤔 If this manager's 'commitment' came up after you booked your holiday I'd be pushing back tbh.

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