Vodafone to Vodafone?

I want to get the Samsung A20 locked to Vodafone am I able to use the included Sim and then after a month change over to Kogan Sim which is also Vodafone and keep my number?

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  • Yes
    Kogan is managed by Vodafone so a Kogan sim will work in a Vodafone Locked Handset.

  • You can, but it might cause a porting delay (of up to a few days).

    More details here (in the section 'How to Prevent Porting Delays'):

    • We did a Vodafone-Kogan port via the Kogan activation website recently, number ported in seconds (after we replied to the porting SMS)

      • Yes, it can be ported quickly, but there can be porting delays.

        Of course, people have also faced delays with Optus to Vodafone etc ports, but generally they seem to be worse for Vodafone-Vodafone, Optus-Optus etc ports.

  • Cheers bfor the help been wondering if I should go with the unlocked A20 for $60 more… Just don't know if I can make up the difference porting from network to network.

    • Try Vodafone chat…

      Some of them can send a free unlocking request. If they refused just quit the chat and change another one.

      • Just purchased the locked version. Do I have a better chance unlocking now or is it ok to wait a few months?

  • The phones just locked to the Vodafone network, not actual Vodafone plans itself. If you were looking at using Kogan anyway, you don't the Vodafone sim, just straight away use with Kogan sim- unless you wanted the phone number that came with the sim pack?

  • confirm you can. last week i bought samsung a20 from vodafone and using my already activated kogan sim. no porting or anything

  • Some people have been lucky and there has been no charge to unlock. You can try your IMEI in here and see if there is a charge for you.
    For me it will cost $50 but a lot of people that purchased one from the Post Office have said it’s been free for them.