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1 × Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum & Cola 375ml + 1 × Can or Bottle from a Selection of 22 - $3 C&C @ BWS (Rewards Card Required)


Not sure if it works everywhere but I just grabbed 1 x Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum & Cola 375mL and 1 x Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey & Ginger Beer 375mL for $3 with C&C. That's $1.50 per can!

BWS currently has a promotion where you can add a 'Try me for $3' item to the cart for $3. There are 22 items to choose from. You must have your Rewards Card linked to your BWS account.

They are also running a promo where you can add a can of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum & Cola 375mL for free to your online order.

Add one of the items from the 'Try me for $3' and the free Sailor Jerrys can and you end up with a 2 for $3 deal.

Terms & Conditions:

Try me for $3: Grab any of the products below for $3.00 when you link your Rewards Card online or scan your Rewards Card in-store. At this great price, no further discounts apply.
Limit of 2 per transaction. Offer available from Wednesday 9 October to Tuesday 5 November 2019.

Free Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum & Cola 375mL: Add me for free with any online purchase.

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  • Collected 2x Tanqueray Sevilla Gin & Soda and 1x Sailor Jerry, $3 total. Thanks OP.

  • I got the 3 cans, then did the $12 offer, but now I can't do anymore. So it looks like a limit of 2 per woolies account. Ho hum.

    • Its coming up as 75 for me, what state are you in? NSW here

      • Add both to cart and price goes down to 130. I'm in NSW as well.

        • Oh right, that's the same deal at Liquorland

  • Thanks OP - 6 pack of Furphy Ale, Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey & Ginger Beer and 2 Sailor Jerries for $15

  • can anyone open BWS on the shopback extension, its not coming out for me, even though desktop works

    want to get another $2 back here


  • cheers OP 6 drinks for $6.( 4 x Tanqueray + 2 Free Sailor Jerry)

  • I could only get one $3 item and one free can. If I added anything else it was charged at full price. Still good though.

  • product image
    flor de sevilla gin & soda 275ml
    2 bottles @ $8.5 per bottle

    You saved $14

    Sailor Jerry
    spiced rum & cola 375ml
    1 can @ $8.5 per can

    You saved $8.5

    Interesting. It just charged me $3 but I got 2 x Tanqueray and the free can.

    • I got the same. Looks like the glitch only works for Tanqueray.

      • it also worked for me with Tennessee Whiskey & Ginger Beer 375mL Cans

        • is it supposed to be up to 2x for one $3 charge, or $3 per item and maximum 2 (so $6?)

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    Glitch seems to work for 2 x Tanqueray + 1 x Sailor Jerry if you add the 2x Tanqueray to the cart, then add the Sailor Jerry, remove it and add it back in.

  • I got that dreaded securty check msg too on a second account order

    Weird, the tabqueray x2 didnt work but i was able to place two orders

    • So did I!!!

    • shud be fine . i got one too but ready to pick up.

  • The reorder button seems to work keep getting the same discount

    • Doesn't work for me. Charges full price.

      • Same here. I've tried using another browser and my phone without success.

        • Strange just tried again and success.
          Worked with the tanqueray x2 and 1 x sailor jerry $3

  • +3

    Bought and drank. That sailor Jerry’s n coke was actually really good. I think their marketing may have worked on me.

  • +1

    I cant seem to get another order through only let me get try me for 3 once.

  • Since i am unable to reorder the freebie and the $3 item, it looks like the freebie can be used repeatedly for online orders

    You can put through $3.20 bottle of beer and sailor jerry order
    Ready to be picked up!

    $9.60 for 6 drinks, I win

    • You'll have to sign 3 receipts too.

  • +3

    Found another BWS website glitch for anyone still following this thread.

    I thought I'd pick up another batch of the free Sailor Jerry cans by doing a few orders of single beers + free Sailor Jerry's.

    I added a cheap beer (Cricketers Arms Pale Ale, was on clearance for me at $3.40 per bottle). Then the free Sailor Jerrys. When I went to checkout, the Cricketers Arms then received a 25% discount, making it $2.55).

    Looks to be due to the promo "25% off craft beers when you mix and match 8 singles". Except, due to poor web design, it seems to give the 25% off to any single beer.

    End result, I placed 5 orders as per above - 5x Cricketers Arms Pale Ale & 5x Sailor Jerrys for $12.55 in total.

    • That is brilliant! Great find.

  • Using ios. When i hit the try for $3 button nothing happens? Anyone else having this issue?

  • Don’t buy the dirty bucha kombucha vodka tropical, it was terrible

  • +2

    Sailor Jerry's can is no longer available as the $0 with any order item, but replaced with https://bws.com.au/product/935649/jack-daniels-tennessee-whi...

    • Thanks Op - but finally got access to link rewards card, and Sailor jerry's changes, and no replacement Tennessee nearby! Ordered anyway, I'll head that way eventually I guess….

    • You get that for free? How?

      • Yes, I noticed that too. Substitute the sailors for a JD.
        Must have dropped the promo now. I don't see any prompts or any offers that popped up like before.

        • It's still going (the free JD) but alot of stores are out of stock now

          • +1

            @werdplaya58: Store called me up on 18th, I was expecting it to be the "security call" for new account and "duplicate check" - they didn't have the promo JD and offered to substitute sugar-free Jim Beam - I never thought to check the value but seemed reasonable offer to me.

            • +1

              @Cheapkiwi: Yep, half expecting something similar will happen to me…

              Just now I placed 12 more orders at one store (to get 12 more free cans of JD). In each order I added a single can of craft beer (which, inexplicably, also gets discounted by 25%). In total I ended up buying around $140 worth of booze and paying about $40. Plus also a nice opportunity to try a bunch of random craft beers.

              Got 12 more security check messages too :)

              • +1

                @werdplaya58: i thought i was hardcore, I put through 5 orders at one store!

                • @Samsungnote10: I just kept ordering till the system said they were out of stock!

                  I've done it a couple of times now, with just 5 or 6 orders, but figured I'd have one last bite of the cherry…

                  • @werdplaya58: i hear ya, my stores they all had no idea of the promo, and I was the first ones to order so many/freebies,
                    or so they said

                    • @Samsungnote10: Did you mean the Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey and Cola Cans 500mL for $8 or the multipack for $93?

                      • +2

                        @lordra: Looks like either the promo is finished or they re out of the free bie

                        As the option to add a freebie doesnt come up

              • @werdplaya58: Could you please elaborate mate? I can see that the Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey & Ginger Beer 375mL Cans is free online now. What do I add now to get the best out of this?

                • +2

                  @lordra: To get the freebie you just need to purchase anything else really. But it makes sense to get a cheap item and run through multiple purchases and rack up the freebies.

                  So in looking for a cheap item to go with it, I discovered that there is a deal for 25% off any 8 or more craft beers. However, if you add any single craft beer into the cart, at checkout it should apply the 25% to that single item for some reason. So buy cheap craft beers and get 25% off + the free JD.

                  I just collected 16 such orders (1 free can of JD and 1 craft beer each) from a BWS - the staff were a bit annoyed and I had to sign for 16 orders individually, but it took like 2 minutes.

                  • @werdplaya58: Trying to place an order, for example selected Southern Comfort + JD Ginger but the JD ginger doesn't show up for free even when processing the order, have tried with craft beers but same deal, unless JD Ginger isn't as a free item anymore?

  • Why is cashback temporarily unavailable for BWS

  • For anyone still reading…

    Just looked at the $3 section again and added a can of Southern Comfort, then changed it to 2 cans and it's only charging me the $3. Tried this for other items on the $3 page and working the same! :)

    • So you're paying $3 for two cans plus the free one?

    • Were you able to do multiple orders per account?

    • thanks! i can go get more Bombay G&T

    • Only two orders per account??

      • Glitch my be sorted. Adding two cans or changing the quantity, makes it $6.