Kogan wireless charger

Has anybody purchased the Kogan branded convertible wireless charger?

I need a stand, however, I also need it to lay flat because I don't believe the galaxy buds will charge on the stand so only a convertible charger will work however, I'm worried about the fan. In the Samsung version apparently you can turn the fast charging off which turns the fan off but unsure if this is also the case for the Kogan version.



    Instead of deleting this, I'm going to just comment for anyone who also wants to know.
    Apparently the fan can be stopped by turning off wireless fast charge, however, this has nothing to do with the charger itself and needs to be turned off on the phone


    Don't buy Kogan brand.


      You think? I was sort of relying on the 12 month warranty just in case. I've never bought kogan branded before

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