TRS Kept My Receipts

Hey guys, TRS kept all my claim receipts from one specific store, didnt reject nor approved, said they will be sent to Canberra. They did accept one from JB tho. Any ideas what could have happen? Is the shop in trouble or myself? 9 receipts totalling $2500 .



  • Sounds a bit odd, if they didn't even say why they did it

    What sort of products are they and is the store a chain retailer or just a standalone store?

  • Why didn't you just ask them on the spot why they're keeping it/sending it to Canberra?

    Is the shop in trouble or myself?

    It might help if you gave us some details of this mysterious shop…..

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    This exact thing happened to me earlier this year. I had about 6-8 receipts, they accepted one and rejected one (by mistake) and "lost" the rest of the receipts. It's been 7 months and I have chased up about 80% of my owed refund - still waiting on one to be "processed" which has taken a whole month.

    You will need to email [email protected] and explain the situation to them. If you have the pink slip that says the number of receipts, send this to them too. Let them know that you provided 9 receipts and that only one was approved. They will ask for some personal details (passport, etc.) and ask for copies of the receipt. I didn't make copies of my receipts so I had to go back to all the stores and show them bank statements to get them to reprint the receipts. I scanned the receipts and emailed them to the email. They gave no apology whatsoever, were incredibly slow to respond (up to 3 weeks) and have screwed up some payments.

    It seems very suspicious that this same thing has happened to someone else. I hope they're not purposing "losing" our receipts so they don't have to pay up.

    • I should say this is assuming they don't actually refund you after a few weeks.

  • It's a second hand shop and bought various items, handbags and jewelery. Claimed gst from them before and never had any problems. They said the shop is under investigation…. But that shouldn't affect my claim anyway, and they gave me copies of the receipts, they kept all the originals, took my details and copy of my passport as well.

  • Just wondering if I have to worry or not… Don't need the stress for that little money back.

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      If you personally didn't do anything wrong (all legit purchases, no fake invoice/receipts etc), then I wouldn't worry about it tbh

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    Considering it's a second hand store they may just be seeking clarification on whether GST was paid or not (if the receipt shows it, they may be checking GST was paid by the store). Certain 2nd hand items are exempt. I don't know the full rules but if it's under $1000 and was donated to the store then it is likely to be exempt.

    • Oh ok, that makes sense… All items are second hand. Thanks for that

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