Filling out Employment Form - Some Fields Seem Useless

I often fill out employment forms for family and friends (for those who are English-challenged or just lazy). I’m curious why some questions are there on there - branch address for BSB (why do you need it plus it’s public information that is easily google-able), what bank you’re with (you can tell from the BSB), asking for a letter of compliance for APRA super fund (are they all compliant being APRA regulated?), and super fund address (super guarantee is paid electronically anyway) etc. I’ve worked in payroll/finance, and none of these are really essential.


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    I was going to give some reasons, then I decided, “none of these are really essential” 🤔

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    People who make forms try to cover every eventuality, so they don’t face delays or have to call or write for clarifications.
    They often overdo this, to the point of asking redundant information, but that allows them, for example, to discover if you have made an error with the bsb before they set up their payment system.

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    Whilst the Bsb usually represents a branch, it doesnt always . For eg suncorp use the same Bsb across all regular accounts

    But as above, Id think its just too ensure double checking. I think most people wouldn't need to be filling this out on a regular basis so wouldn't be too fussed about the duplicate information, but I could understand your frustration if you're doing a lot of these.

    I don't know much about smsf accounts, but I presume its to stop someone putting any other ordinary account in there to obtain super payments rather than a super account. I could be wrong as I said, don't know anything about smsf and super accounts.

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      100% sure that the payroll would not even bothered to cross check between the BSB and the address on the form.

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    Why should HR/Accounts have to waste time googeling all day long when employees can easily provide them the details at sign up and then they store them in software - plus it makes onus back onto them if something goes wrong and makes their job easier - especially in bigger companies with thousands of employees or subcontractors .

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    It's the unofficial last part of the interview process. If you can't be bothered to fill out the form correctly then you can't commence the job.

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    Man if my family or friends were to lazy to fill out employ,ent forms, I’d be putting my bank details on there


    These forms may seem over the top but it help smooth the process along if you meet the employer half way by providing accurate information.

    At the end of the day it is in your interest to prove you are eligible to work, have the required taxation details and want to provide the particulars to get paid.

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    the only valuable feedback i can give is how ridiculous it is that you provide all your info through either your CV or registering on an agency's website , only to attend an interview and they provide you a physical hard copy bullshit form that i sincerely doubt they would ever key in manually and prob only keep for records regardless of whether you land the job or otherwise which… literally ask you EVERY SINGLE DETAIL that you would have otherwise provided, only to then (employment depending) ask you further to fill out the client company form if you are successful making it triple data capturing….. in this day and age where everything is supposed to be app sorted….