PSU Recommendation for RX570

My current PSU has 240W max at +12V (+12V1 10A & +12V2 16A, but total should be 240W MAX).
I have i5 2400 with 95W max TDP.

I am looking forward to run a used RX570 with this setup.
Will my current PSU be able to support it (even with power limiting, undervolting is acceptable.)

Next cheapest option I found is Thermaltake (PS-LTP-0450NPCWAU-2) 450Watt at $47 (MSY)
Will this be an acceptable alternative? Is there any cheaper options?

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    Thermaltake (PS-LTP-0450NPCWAU-2)
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    Another PSU


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    Look through that for PSU recommendation. You don't cheap out on PSU.

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    recommends 450w power supply, but then theres certifications 80+ gold bronze silver etc, how efficent do you want the PSU?

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    get rx470

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    450W is enough for a single card, and it's not like the RX570 is super power hungry. However, I'd go for a PSU that is at the very least 80+ white, if not bronze. Definitely wouldn't push my luck with the 240W that you have right now though


    Thanks guys, I checked again and found out that my PSU is a SFX form factor with 300W output bronze rating, so ATX power supply is out of question and may be I have to change the casing itself with the power supply then :(

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    Definitely another. I have my 570 undervolted so it never draws above 120w, and have gotten it to where it never goes above 110w (just changed it to guarantee stability). But that's putting your CPU and GPU dangerously close to the maximum output, especially on the poor quality a 240w unit would likely have.


      Can you please share the voltage values and GPU clock speed for all the states? I was thinking about running below 900 MHz at 900mV at highest state. Buying a new case and PSU costs more than my current PC itself :)

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        Something I forgot to mention is that the previous number was from 1320mhz, 1030mv to the GPU and 2000mhz, 860mv to the memory.

        Undervolting/underclocking the card to 1230mhz, 900mv on the GPU and 1650mhz, 750mv on the memory puts the power draw at about 80w.

        I did a run of a strike (The warmind one where you confront Xol) in destiny 2 to check it. Something to note is that there were a few big stutters when I exited buildings into the outdoors, and after exiting the game there was artifacting. I think I've just got the memory clocked to high for the voltage I'm giving it. Anyways, the results I got were:

        FPS -
        Average, 80
        Maximum, 118
        Minimum, 15

        Power draw -
        Average, 71
        Maximum, 80
        Minimum, 18

        The power draw has me more inclined to think that stuttering is just a combination of my CPU being choked (2200g) and my giving to little voltage to the memory.

        The game utilises the parts pretty well if you were wondering. The utilisation stats were:

        GPU utilisation -
        Average, 93%
        Maximum, 100%
        Minimum, 0%

        CPU utilisation -
        Average, 97%
        Maximum, 100%
        Minimum, 83%

        That'd back up my hunch even more.

        Hope this helps. Would give the voltage numbers on game but wattman doesn't support that for performance reporting and the other tools I have don't work in d2.

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          Thank you loads on the really descriptive detail. I will give it a go and update then. Hopefully I would be able to run it around at 80W with those values until I do a full system upgrade. May be even at 75W a little less :)

          Do you change these with ati drivers or BIOS mod?

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            @bazingaa: I just changed them via wattman, AMDs built in version of MSI afterburner. Real easy to use in my experience.

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              @N1NJ4W4RR10R: At last I got SilverStone-SFX-ST45SF-V3-450W PSU and it seems well.
              I ran Unigine Superposition benchmark at 1080p medium and got GPU MAX Power usage as 175.6W in GPU-Z. Should be more considering the whole card.
              I had some issues with latest drivers and drivers I got from Windows update (26.20.12028.2) seems fine. What is your driver version? :)

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                @bazingaa: I had mine updated to the latest ones. A few issues but nothing major enough for me to be bothered (just the occasional flicker when I open or kill an app).

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