Redmi Accessory Suppliers in Australia

Does anyone know of any suppliers in Australia,

I got my Note 7 4/5 weeks ago.. I ordered a screen protector from aliexpress in advanced, paid 10 day shipping..
and as i should have guessed. it never turned up.

I ordered from another supplier. and well here I am still waiting.

Ive got a great phone that I cant even use because I cant take it out of the house.
Does anyone know of any fast and quality suppliers or even know if other phone brand screen protectors fit?

Im struggling here :)


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    try ebay plus sellers who are in Australia.
    or there's always amazon
    or take it to a phone store at your local shopping center, see if there's glass that could fit for the time being?


      thanks for that

      $14 for a case, 2 x glass protectors, delivered in a week for free isnt too bad at all

      I've only ever ordered cases/protectors from Aliexpress ahead of time in multiples and waited weeks and weeks. Still going to keep doing that but wasnt aware there was even an option if I wanted them quicker


      Thanks - i took a chance on this one, got the blue version which cost an extra 4 dollars, but it's ok ive had black cases for 9 years time to try something different :)


        And of course, guess what. im still waiting - shipping now days 1 month from the purchase date.

        Im over it. Great phone but no support in australia - will prob put it up for sale

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    Just go to a $2 shop and buy a screen protector that's near enough, or even a little big and cut it down, and use it as a temporary protector.

    That's what I did while waiting for a proper one to arrive for my phone.


    I've got a spare if you're on the gold coast 😆

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