HydroTap or Something Similar?

I've been drinking water a lot more recently (mainly bottled) and realised I the reason why I didn't as much was because I hated the taste of tap water. They have a HydroTap at work that makes boiling and chilled water as well as sparkling which seems really neat. Was thinking of getting one for the house but the price is $4k+. Are there any other options available? Boiled and chilled water options would be nice, don't really need the sparkling function.



    I bought and installed one of these under-sink water chiller units, it's great and has a filter (needs to be replaced once in a while) https://www.watercoolersuperstore.com.au/product-details.php...
    I didn't buy it directly from there but found a good deal on ebay for around 500 AUD or so at the time.

    It is a chiller only so no boiling water but it's been one of the best purchases I've made - drink loads of water now and its always conveniently nice tasting and chilled!


    Wouldn't it be a reasonable assumption that the water is the same through both your home tap and the work tap?
    Is it just the chilling that makes the taste more preferable to you?


      I suspect it's the filtering as well as chilling. Filtering definitely changes the taste quite a bit. Chilling does too but not to the same extent, although it is always tastier when chilled I find.

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    Get a Brita jug for ~ $26 and use tap water, or an On Tap Filter $59 if you really use a lot, and put the jug in the fridge.

    Paying for water is the biggest waste of money.


    Those zip hydrotap units often show up second hand on eBay $300-$500


    I got a zip one that delivers normal and boiling water. At the time I was advised that the cold water ones and sparking ones were unreliable, so skipped that bit. Didn't use it much (is in an external room/office) and the filter didn't last long. Found out it has expiry on both time and volume, so I changed the configuration to be volume only, so no problem.

    I usually use a Reverse Osmosis system anyway, feeding a water outlet, Coffee Machine and Fridge cold water dispenser anyway.


    The zip units are notorious for breaking down and needing expensive maintenance (call out applies).

    I'd recommend what Ugly mentioned - try the brita first.

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    Fill up your bottles at work.