[Price Error] Laser Soundbar with Bluetooth and Wireless Subwoofer $29.90 Delivered @ Laser via Catch

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Cheap soundbar with sub-woofer delivered for under $30 ( was 149.95 )

From the Laser website -
The model is SPK-SB140SUB.

credit to price hipster.

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  • 17 left for the past 1 and half hours. Not going down at all.

  • Paid only $20.08 with $15 discount using latitude pay (added another item with free shipping)

    Weekly instalment of $2. Lol

    • what item did you add

      • I got a dvd

    • +1

      I was thinking of doing the same but most likely this will be refunded. Don't want to lose the $15 off on the first use if that's the case.

  • Yeah buddy just scored one!
    Just keep refreshing and checking every now and then

  • got one, dont know why.

    • Same.
      Creating a need I didn't have to worry about before this.

  • Has been taken off the website?

    • Yep. Last night you could grab one but not anymore.

      • got mine this morning at like 8 am :)

        • Yeah I noticed a few people grab it a couple hours ago. Not baaaad :)

  • +3

    I have just received a refund confirmation. :(

  • Bought one this morning.Just got an email that order was cancelled.

  • got refunded just now. no deal

    • Yep, same story for me.

  • +2

    I guess you could say, the Catch is you get refunded as I have been

  • +1

    Placed order soon as deal was posted, no cancellation. I think they only had a few.

  • Anyone had shipping confirmation?

    • I think they are refunding people slowly. Everyone who ordered at that price will most probably have their order cancelled.

  • Mine is on the way.

    Bought it when it was 17 left ;-)

    • It showed 17 left for a lot of people at different times. Lol.
      I think their scripts failed and showed the incorrect prices for us so the $29.90 happened (when it should revert to 149)

    • is it still on the way?

  • +1

    I haven't had any updates yet. No shipping email, refund email, or Paypal refund.

    • OK got the cancellation now.

  • Cancelled. Typical COTD

  • Refunded also :(

  • Received cancel refund email,receive $10 voucher,party end.


    We’re writing to regretfully inform you that we have had to cancel your recent Catch marketplace order from the seller Laser. A technical glitch on our website has caused the item in your order (Laser Soundbar with Bluetooth and Wireless Sub-woofer) to be listed at the incorrect price. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    A full refund has been arranged back to the original payment method. Please allow 3 business days for the amount to appear on your statement.

    You will also find $10 credit in your Catch account to use towards your next order at Catch.com.au

  • Order cancelled, price error apparently, anyone else? :(

  • +1

    Ordered as soon as this deal was posted and it has been cancelled. Poor form COTD.

    Good luck trying to sell at regular price..

  • … Back to not having a soundbar

  • Cancelled! $10 credit.
    "listed at the incorrect price."

    • Cancelled too, but you also got $10 credit????? No such offer for me sadly.

      Edit: no, I lie. I should read emails properly.

  • Cancelled and refunded


    They are on business now

  • -1

    Cancelled, got $10 credit. Good on them for giving $10 credit when they didn't have to do anything.

  • got email, and $10 credit… i actually used a $10 credit to buy, so hopefully that means I get $20?

    • Wasn't the case for me. My credit is still at $10. The only thing that's different now is that the credit's expiry date has been reset and will expire next year in October

  • -3

    Doggy promotion strategy. Typical COTD.

  • -1

    Hmm $10 credit seems to expire today for me?

    expires 17 Oct 2020 AEST


    edit: oops it's still 2019 lol!

  • Thanks OP, got $10 store credit for free. Which is good since I planned to purchase something from Catch later on

  • So I paid $29.70 in total (after $15 latitude pay), got an email refund saying $29.90 for the soundbar, but latitude pay only showing $19 refundable. Could not figure out why!

    • Ugh, just what i didnt want to hear.
      I was questioning whether i should pay with latitude pay because of this exact reason but i just couldnt resist the bargain :P

      I havnt received any email yet though

    • Apparently, they forfeit the $15 credit if the total order falls bellow $35 after an item gets canceled. The same thing happened to me. I ended up paying for an unwanted item after the soundbar got canceled.

  • Just received an email from catch and got a refund. Ordered at Tue, 15 Oct, 17:45

    "Incorrect Item" was the reason.

    Bummer, it got away.

  • Got refund from catch, yes it was a spam

    • +4

      How did they spam you? Did Catch send you an unsolicited email telling you about this cheap sound bar?

  • shame on catch, proud of bunnings warehouse :)

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