Westpac Credit Card Promo Code Wanted for Balance Transfer for Existing Customer - October 2019

Hi Everyone,

Just checking if anyone has any recent promo codes or offers for a Balance Transfer for an Existing Westpac Credit Card (i.e a code or offer that has been mailed or emailed to them from Westpac)?

I rang them and they offered me 6.99% for 12 months using code "REF12" - which is pretty ordinary since I had an offer from ANZ a while ago for 0% for 18 months with no balance transfer fee!)

I found a 2.99% offer for 12 months using code "WABM4", but that was only valid for January this year I believe. So if anyone has any recent codes or links sent to them it would be greatly appreciated if you share it!

Thank you in advance!


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