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[QLD] $9 Six-Pack of Byron Bay Brewery Premium Lager @ Star Liquor


Similar to previous offers, barcode appears to be generic.

Fine print in the screenshot. No idea what the beer tastes like, it's owned by Lion so shrug


List of locations - 36 QLD locations.

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    Bought and tried it yesterday, personally not a fan. It creates a weird powdery film feeling in your mouth, super carbonated (think getting bloated from gas quickly) and has a mildly strange taste to it. Other than that, its just your normal lager. However, i can imagine it would taste great chilled on a lazy hot summer day at the beach with cool salty water lapping up your feet.

    Side note: Girlfriend spat it out. Said "no" and picked out something else to take the taste away. "Make some beer battered chips out of it" 😅

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