Neighbour Kids Damaging The Fence: How to Stop Them & Repair?

I’m not sure whether the similar question have been asked previously.
We are annoyed by our neighboring kids that play basketball everyday morning and evening (the whole day during weekend). Most of their hits doesn’t get into the ring and hits the fence. Our garage roof ends near the fence, so we don’t get the ball on our side. But the fence pairings are mostly removed or partially hanging with the post. Since our master bedroom is on the fence side we feel that our privacy is affected.
So the question here is,

  1. Who is responsible for repairing the fence? Because it’s obvious that the fence is damaged only in this area and rest of the fence is very good condition?

  2. How to prevent further damage to the fence? Although kids play vigorously, the parents and grandparents are very good friends with us and we don’t want to be harsh on them.

Thanks in Advance.


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    If the fence is shared, then it's common property. usually the repair is split. search local council for info

    Unless it's damaged by them, then it's a civil issue

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    I doubt kids playing basketball damaged tour fence, it's probably old. Squirt them with the hose to get them to stop.

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      If they're friends, ask them to repair it. Don't squirt them.
      They can move the basketball ring to a harmless position.
      Stress costs and is best dealt with early.

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      Squirting them with the hose will only result in them putting the lotion on their skin.

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      I agree. The fence is probably old.

      Time for you and your neighbour to have a working bee and fix the fence together. After you've finished sit back with a cold beverage, admire your work and talk BS. "How's them Bunnies!"

      How great is it that the kids are active and not glued to the PlayStation?

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      Not hard to damage a colorbond fence with impacts.


        If only ops fence was made of colourbond.

        Also damaged doesn't mean destroyed.

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          I missed the part about fence pairings, while I'm guessing it meant to be fence palings.

          Super easy to hit palings out of a timer fence these days. I have seen so many damaged because they are put together by either idiots or by people rushing the job. It is not hard to skew the 2 nails on each end, in opposite directions so that the nails do not come out easily. Most I have seen the nails are nail-gunned straight in.

          OP should get the palings that have come off, and spend an hour or so with a drill and put screws into the palings.


            @AdosHouse: Yes if it's relatively new, it's hardly rocket surgery and op should just attach them securely. I have a feeling the fence is old though, and op doesn't like the sound of basketballing constantly.

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    Become their step-dad and then order them to stop it!

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    parents and grandparents are very good friends with us and we don’t want to be harsh on them.

    Have you even mentioned the issue to your neighbours?

    What did they say? Why do you need to be harsh? A friendly chat may be all that's required.

    You can't have it both ways.

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    Most of their hits doesn’t get into the ring and hits the fence.

    There's no way you can know this.

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    Most of their hits doesn’t get into the ring and hits the fence.

    Are you intending to tell your neighbor that their kids suck at basketball?


    electrify the fence :p

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    You need to have them served.

    Take a step back jumper, or at least fake pump for it. Your neighbour kids will go in for the block, push off with your rear foot and pull a 180 dunk. When the kid turn around for the futile attempt at defence, land over them.

    Bam. They got served.


    Seriously? Have a talk with the neighbour, see what their thoughts on the matter are, go from there.

    You really want to know who's responsible? It's a shared cost issue, unless you can prove that damage was done by the kids playing basketball.

    You'll also need to prove that you took reasonable steps to prevent the damage occurring. A fence doesn't get damaged in the way you described after a session or two of play … it will deteriorate over months, if not years to the state you've described. You seem to imply that you have seen the basketball going on "everyday" over an extended period. If you've not taken any action to point out the damage, ask they stop, put up some sort of protection, etc., etc. you'll find this difficult to do.


    If you replace the fence because it is too damaged, DO NOT replace with colourbond. It is way too noisy when hit by a ball. Timber fences are much more quiet. Additionally, secure the palings from the neighbours side so a ball strike pushes them on to the rails and won’t knock he nails out.