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OnePlus 7 Pro GM1910 12GB/256GB Dual Sim (China Version) - $987.05 Delivered (HK) @ TobyDeals


This deal is the cheapest I could find right now.

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    I remember when OnePlus flagships were about 400 bucks…

    • I remember buying a OP5T for $600. Damn the prices have gone through the roof

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      Since then other flagships have become $1,600

  • The OnePlus 7 is pretty cheap on that website too, but would you trust it?

    • I successfully bought a OnePlus 7 Pro from them if that says anything (at least I think it was them)

  • Is there a huge difference between international version GM1913 and china version GM 1910?

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      Other than software there is hardly any difference. But I still prefer Gm1913 over GM1910 any day. it holds in value too. Recently purchased from Dicksmith during shopback $60 promotion. So got it all together 12gb model for $1090 approx even I paid more but more than happy with my purchase. so yeah good deal on Chinese version but if you can pay little extra and get global or EU version cheers

      • Cheers bud. Good on you.

    • The China version is bought by the resellers and flashed with the same OS as the international version, so it is pretty much exactly the same, afaik, no issues with Netflix DRM or Google Pay, etc.

  • Considering the 7T isn't too far off, why not wait for that instead?

    • Considering the price. I will go for rog 2 this time.

    • The only real benefit of the 7T Pro is a slightly improved processor. But given the original 7 Pro was considered to be one of the fastest Android phones available (if not the fastest), the processor upgrade probably won't be noticable for most people. Plus the 7T Pro will be at least a few hundred dollars more expensive for a fair while. I personally plan on waiting for the 7 Pro to drop in price over the next month or so and then I'll pick up the top of the line version.

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    I am getting 'Coupon code "CF20OCT" is not valid, or login is required.'

    Is the code only valid tomorrow?

  • I bought the 128gb Pro from them yesterday for 806.55

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      Since you have probably looked into this already, are there any drawbacks with the Chinese flashed version? Does it have band 28 and nfc?

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    Too expensive for something that does not have any real warranty

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      This is exactly why i keep holding off on Oneplus phones impressive hardware specs and software, but until they officially launch here in "Australia" with proper warranty support and AU PLUG it's just too risky purchasing a grey import without any warranty support.

  • This phone is very big. Too tall, thick and heavy. Other than that, it’s a great device, absolutely competent and fast.

  • How is the camera on this OnePlus?

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    Install the gcam app, much much better than the OnePlus camera app

  • Be aware that VoLTE doesn't work out of the box with these phones in Australia. This may turn out to be a non issue for you as Telstra isn't turning off 3G until 2024 and Optus is still running 3G networks for now. Vodafone seems to be the only major operator that seems to be phasing out 3G.

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