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In my house, I have these bright white lights:


Any recommendations on how to switch them to a warm white bulb? And/or where to buy them from?

I really have no idea where to start:)

Any advice would be much appreciated:)


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    You'll have to swap out the whole fitting. Check to see if there's a socket/plug at the end of that fitting, if so, you can just buy new ones from Bunnings/a light shop and swap them over. Just take the old fitting to the shop to make sure dimensions are the same.

    The 5500K of your current fitting is the colour temperature (think: warm/cool) - you'll want a lower number here for a warmer light. 3000K is warmer. see https://lumitex.com.au/led-colour-temperature/

    If no socket, and wired directly, then you'll have to get a sparky to replace. Just measure the cutout size and find fittings that will fit and get them to swap. I'd get the sparky to put a socket on the end of existing wiring so you can DIY in future.

    Sockets look like this: https://www.jdlighting.com.au/lighting/accessories/surface-s...

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      Let that be a lesson to everyone having diffused LED downlights installed. Always insist that your sparky install a light that is attached to a powerpoint plug (inside your ceiling). That way you don't have to pay to have a sparky come out next time.

      We insisted (thankfully I knew enough to insist!) and the sparky said 'hmm… smart move'.


    LIFX is another option or any other smart bulb: https://www.lifx.com.au/collections/downlights/products/lifx...
    This way you can choose the colour or temperature as the mood suits eg daylight cool white in the day and warm white dusk and even candle light before bed.

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    Usually it's on the bottom and so not in the picture, but see if there is a switch to change between colours. Some have 3 colours but I doubt it.
    Abnormal to have all down lights in white light for a home


      Based on the label, it's clearly marked "5500K" so it would have a fixed colour temperature (of 5500K)


        Truth be told I didn't read it. Merely a suggestion that would take 2 seconds to solve if it was the problem



    Tunable colour temp, smart wifi downlight.

    Not sure if it's ideal, but easy enough to check out instore.


    Ive just put up the Brilliant Smart downlights from Aldi, I picked them up for $15 when they went on clearance. 9w. They work really well.
    So for a inexpensive solution that works well, these type of lights are great.
    Our 'breakfast bench' in the kitchen was always in shadow when standing between the bench and kitchen light when doing meal prep or helping the kids with something, so drill in a couple of 90mm holes and plug them in, oh and then tidy up the mess from doing the 2 cut-outs…
    So now I can have 1 or both lights on at a time and vary the brightness or colour temp as needed, the kids think its great, plus no more shadow..