EDC and Travel Gear Discussion

EDC= EveryDay Carry
Just curious how do Ozbargainers carry around daily and when travelling.
Format as below:

Short trip:
Long trip:

Just for a start, I am a middle level doctor working in a public hospital.

Non work days:
Slimfold tyvek wallet- with cash and cards
Car and apartment keys
iPhone X
Lip balm
Dental floss
+/- Sony WF-1000XM3 earbuds

Work days:- above +
ID badge for work
Pacsafe Intasafe z250 sling bag
iPad Pro 11' + Smart Keyboard + pencil
Macbook 12'- with new sidecar feature, I can set up a dual screen work space anywhere, anytime
Xiaomi 10000mAh wireless charging power bank
Bodum travel mug + 3x sachets of Ito En Matcha Green tea- best tea in world, available in your local Woolies
Chargers if I am expecting a long day out

Short trip:
Pacsafe Venturesafe EXP45 45L carry on backpack
3-5x sets of T Shirt+socks+underwear
2x pants
1-2 Jackets depends on destination
1x suits only when absolutely necessary- I hate suits
1x Travel towel- even when hotel supplies it I always keep one spare
1x Toiletries bag and its content
1x air tight laundry bag

Long trip:
Same as short trip- with double the undies and socks.



    I don't travel and at work I carry nothing.

    Wallet - Saddleback Leather Bifold: https://saddlebackleather.com/leather-wallet-mens-bifold-sma...
    Keys - Featuring Earplugs in a pill case and car keys
    Phone - Samsung S7 with a thick case

    Dental floss is an interesting addition, how is that carried? Or is it just one of those small travel ones?

    I'm a big fan of simple EDC, every extra thing added is something that could be forgotten.


      Just regular ones. I like to keep things simple, but I do use dental floss and lip balm few times a day.


    ID Badge on union lanyard
    Stethoscope (cardio iv, mostly good for warming neck)
    Phone (xiaomi mi mix 2)

    Don't bring my laptop to work every day because never have time to use. Surprised you're pager free. DECT?


      yup, DECT
      Studying for RACP now, so anytime not seeing patient is study time, hence laptop and iPad


    iPhone (Apple Pay, garage door opener, front door opener)
    Apple Watch with cellular (as above)
    Car key.

    I wish I could integrate my car keys into the phone :(


      Get a Tesla if ur rich enough, my salary is not quite there yet unfortunately


      That would be nice I mean if they can do it for payments like NFC contactless payments using your phone surely they can do it for keyless entry systems right?


    I have become super paranoid prepared and now 99% of the time carry my bag with me wherever I go.. it is about the size of a small backpack or small laptop bag that goes over my shoulders I 2 strap it like a boss ;)

    Anyways here is my Every Day Carry for when I just go into town to get groceries, or get food or run errands.


    Pockets - wallet in one pocket (keys and all my cards are in my wallet), smartphone in other pocket (Xiaomi Redmi Note 4/4X)
    Glasses - prescriptions on my face, can't wear sunglasses because of prescriptions might get transitions next time round


    Tiny Umbrella (it is getting a little bit damaged for now but still serves its purpose)
    1.25 L water plastic bottle.. I just reuse whatever drinks I have bought through the week until they feel weak or start to taste different
    Small notepad with pen
    Like 6 or 7 other pens scattered in my bag
    About two small boxes full of band aids
    About 4 to 5 small pocket tissues
    Qicklock which is basically a paranoid able to lock any door kind of thing but honestly I forget I have it and only bought it because my room at home does not have a lock so got paranoid someone walking in when I am asleep etc
    Folder that has all my documents at all time in case you know I need to show it or for whatever reason basically all my ID on standby
    Maybe some earphones or earbuds (I usually carry my TaoTronics Bluetooth wireless headphones with me if I feel like I need music)
    There might be a charging cable sometimes in my bag just cause but honestly don't really consciously put it there we live in a world of charging cables haha lol

    That is about it for Every Day Kind of Carry Stuff sometimes if I go out and get some pizza or burgers or something I put a few in a large Tupperware container or just use the Tupperware container to hold takeaway food so my bag does not get juices all over it while it gives the garbage compactor service to the food inside.

    Now that I am working as a cleaner I have put some extra stuff as backup in my backpack along with my EDC

    about 10 pairs or so of disposable gloves will keep topping it up as I need it (recent Woolworths deal on 100 disposable gloves for $5.50)
    1 or 2 backup nitrile gloves not disposable (from an ozbargain deal haha)
    change of shirt for after work (so far I have not used this but I am anticipating needing to use it)
    don't have my ID Badge yet still very new to the job
    will probably get a set of keys when I am experienced enough for the different work sites and etc
    in the process of getting some backup disposable masks for dust and chemical vapours etc but work should have them but always good to have a backup and honestly in general who knows when a disaster or the time might strike you never know better to be safe would be good to stock up the house with some for repairs and cleaning in future

    yeah that is about it for now unless I missed anything

    when I visit family for more than a few days I pack maybe a pair of home clothes and some undies/socks but usually going out clothes I am fine if it is a long stay I use my 80 L hiking bag instead and basically full on pack for like a vacation or something


      Yeah I get a bit paranoid sometimes too. I work in open office/ward environment with easy access from public if you are not paying attention.
      My Pacsafe Intasafe z250 actually comes with stainless steel reinforced strap that works as loop around fixings or office furniture, and adding a small pad lock its secure enough to leave it lying around with my gadgets in it.


        oh wow yeah that is a good idea

        nah especially in an open environment and as unpredictable as an open office or ward environment you need to

        thankfully I can just leave my bag in the teachers staff room or common room and do my cleaning duties then come back and sign off and be done with it.. I don't think any kids will steal it hopefully (or teachers lol)

        it would suck if I lost all the stuff in my bag might be grounds to get a car but I heard those things can cost like $2000 to $4000 minimum and then yearly costs are like $1200 to $2000


    Depends on your needs and how thorough you want to be, for instance,

    The minimal:
    Phone, Keys, Wallet, Watch (Compass/GPS/Smart)… Wife?

    Plus the tech:
    Pen and Notepad, Wireless headset, Laptop, Thumb drive, microSD with SD caddy, Burner SIM card, USB-C cable charger, Power Bank (with car kickstarter), Lucky Dice.

    Plus the traveller:
    Extra cash and coins, Backpack, Spare clothes, Jacket, Perfume, Chewing gum, Towel, Umbrella, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Bandaid, Handcuff Key/Wristband, Padlock.

    Plus the adventurer:
    Water bottle, Protein bars, Portable Flashlight, Pocket Knife, Lighter, Fire Starter, Paracord, Ductape, Bandage wrap, Plastic bag, Multitool, Carabineer, Lockpick kit.

    …maybe a small bottle of rubbing alcohol


      Perhaps, can also consider things such as:

      Portable Speaker.

      Travel pillow, Blanket, Toilet paper, Small Detergent, Swimwear, Thongs, Insect Repellent, Antihistamine, Sewing Kit, Book.

      Wet Wipes, Medium Rag, Gloves, Headwear, Sleeping bag, Tarp, Pot-kettle, Hand Shovel, Canned food.


      One must be aware that carrying a knife, at least in Victoria, can be considered possessing a controlled weapon. As an example, the guy who punched a paramedic in the face got convicted and fined for having box cutters.


    LOL, I thought this was going to be about Electric Daisy Carnival. Never mind. :)


    When you have an EDC discussion thread with Americans they'll usually go into what weapons they carry (knives, firearms, etc). Interested to see what weapons, if any, people will admit to carrying in Australia.


    Just for a start, I am a middle level doctor working in a public hospital.

    Just out of interest, how old are you?



    On my pant:
    Leatherman Skeletool (moderate 8 tools, multi-tool, one handed opening knife.)
    Leatherman Style (small tools, I need the small screwdriver for self-defence, and scissor.)
    Olight I3T (180/5 lumens AAA battery light) extremely handy.
    Motorbike key
    Watch (not in the pant by the way)

    In my EDC-never leave home without bag:
    Olight M2R (tactical - super capable light)
    Charging cable for my phone
    Portable charger
    Secrid wallet
    Jabra elite 65t (earbud)
    Hair wax
    USB/SD cards
    Microfiber cloth (I wear glasses)

    Short trip:Everything above +

    Leatherman Wave (another standard multi-tools for all situation)
    Sweater/thermal (Extremely needed if I ride motorbike that day)
    Energy bars
    First aid kit

    Long Trip: Short trip + most common camping/adventure stuffs (I'm too lazy too list them all but they're all general stuffs anyway)

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