Getting a swap or refund... on a Bunnings swap/refund !?

A few years ago I bought an Ozito electric leaf blower from Bunnings. The power switch broke in the on position. I didn't bother returning it, figuring I'd fix it myself one day…

Then I saw a product recall for it on the Bunnings site. Apparently the impeller shattered on a few units. You could either do a straight-swap for the new model, or get a refund (which was $10 less than the new model was selling for). I got the new model.

I've had it a few months, used it 3 or 4 times, and it's an inferior product. It's less powerful than the old one. So you must get closer to leaves/clippings/dirt to shift them. Which means stuff blows sideways and back around behind you into the area you just cleared, meaning you have to go over an area 3 or 4 times.

They gave me an exchange receipt at the time, but I can't find that now. And I thought they asked for some kind of Bunnings customer card to do the swap - but if so, I can't find that now either!?

This is the new one:
And the old one is on this page:

Q1. Does Bunnings have a customer card?
Q2. Is there anything I can do? i.e. What are my chances of returning or swapping this awful blower?

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