Laptop Recommendations since I'm Indecisive

I've been looking for the past few days but I cannot make up my mind about which laptop to get.

I just need one that's thin and light, since it's going to be lugged around everywhere and has the graphical performance and CPU power to run Virtual machines and some occasional gaming.

The three I was looking at were the Razer Blade 15 - MSI stealth - Asus Rog Zephyrus S.

Each have their pros and cons but I'd prefer to ask the community before I buy.


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    MSI gs65


    Get a Dell…. No wait, better make it a HP…… Hang on a sec, maybe a Macbook would be best….. Argh, but Acer is looking good too….. Darn, but there's so many good deals for Dell….. Hmmm a Lenovo is pretty good too.

    I GIVE UP!


    Nice choices. Maybe rethink the budget first then limit based on what you can afford? That often helps me. End of the day the effective life of a laptop isn't that long so thinner lighter and better graphics always around the corner!