Samsung Pay Vs Google Pay?

need some suggestions..

recently moved from iPhone to android. got S10+.

which is better option Gpay or samsung pay..?

normal usage, Groceries and usual Ozbargain stuff..Thanks in advance.


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    I use samsung pay because it is just works so well with the phone. Gestures, activating it without unlocking the phone. Just small things. Even supporting transport as well now. That being said, i haven't really used Google Pay

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    Samsung pay, you won't need to turn nfc on, since it uses mst. So I find it more convenient.

    But google pay has more banks attached.

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    Whichever your bank supports really. I use google pay, never had an issue. Both basically achieve the same goal

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    Never used samsung pay, if you're thinking of getting an android watch in the future, you'd likely get a samsung one, so samsung pay may be the way to go.
    But I use google pay and really like it, I can swap cards out easily and I prefer unlocking my phone for it to tap as I feel I have control on when it works or doesn't work, though I have a feeling it works anyway and I'm unlocking for no reason. To be quite honest with you, even though I haven't used both, I imagine they're both fairly similar so at the very least it shouldn't be too bad either way you go.

    If I remember right, android pay gave me 10 bucks free bonus when I started, but that may no longer be active.


    If you have a Samsung phone, definitely go for Samsung Pay as it uses both NFC and MST, which means you can use it in places where Google Pay is not supported. MST emulates a card swipe making it able to be used with nearly all payment terminals that possess a magnetic stripe reader.


    SSP is trash. Way less usable than GPay. I hate it. I can't use GPay because of my provider. Very upset.