Recommendations for Indoor/Outdoor Surface Spray

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With Summer around the corner,I'm after some recommendation of indoor / outer surface spray. I usually use mortein DIY surface spray in Summers at entrance, outside of windows and awnings to keep mosquitoes, cockroaches and spider out of home as I got kids, however was looking if this is the best one to use or if there are any other that are out in the market which are more effective long-lasting and are economica? thanks



    10ml/liter water. 1L of mix should last you a long time. 1L of mix should do a 3 bedroomm house inside out


    It's bit expensive, I usually go with mortein one which is $15when its half price at Coles and it ready to use with spray gun


      1 litre concentrate makes 100 litres of spray to use,,

      that's under $1 per litre. much more economical than your mortein on special and probably more effective


    Just a thought but if you get a pest controller you might be able to get something as low as $75-$150 introductory or a online promotion. Usually they'll spray around a normal sized house and some outdoor areas.

    At least at that price if there's certain infestations they'll usually be able to more effectively target it than the stuff you buy at the shops.

    Less hassle with mixing, spraying and they usually know what they're doing, especially with preventative care which sounds like what you're after. Most will give you a warranty too so if it's not effective at all, they'll usually come back and re-spray!

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    I’d be more concerned with spraying poison around my kids. The odd bug is pretty harmless.


    What if you have pets? Are these sprayers dangeorus?

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