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Extra 15% off Selected Ranges of Pet Items and 20% off Storewide @ Petstock via eBay


Coupon still takes 20% off, however the 15% Offer is now expired

Just bought from Petstock's ebay store. They have an existing 3+ items gives 15% off code and PROWESS 20% code has also applied.

The eligible items looks like it is the whole store (2000+ items)

I got three bags of Supercoat Origins 18kg for $120 (standard pricing 59 per bag)

Original Coupon Deal

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    Good price on this rug…

  • +1

    Thanks I got 3x bags of ivory coat for $235 delivered

    • same here, good price per bag

  • you must have ordered the last few 15kg bags of supercoat, all gone now

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    Not bad, but 3x Black Hawk 20kg still comes to $97+ each with the discounts. Pet Circle has them $99 each, and I don't need to buy 3

    • +2

      Thanks… saves me checking. Have had 20kg Black Hawk for under $70 delivered but geeez it's been awhile since the last and it wasn't often.

    • You can buy one bag, and 2 cheap items. Still will be eligible for 15% off (plus then apply the code).

  • Postage coming up as $14.95 which is a deal breaker in my case. Anyone found a way to click and collect or free shipping?

    • Should be free shipping on orders over $50 and 2+ items
      Also should note - can order ANY 3 items (do not need to be all the same).

  • +3

    No click and collect, no deal

  • Thanks! Even with the inflated price of Meals for Mutts, with the stacked discounts, comes up about $25 /bag cheaper than usual

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    Most stuff we buy is still cheaper at Petcircle

  • Items went from free shipping in cart to pay for postage on the lot. I paid retail!

    Asked them to cancel minutes after placing the order. Not holding my breath.

  • +1

    Unfortunately everything I wanted was inflated by 20-30%, plus postage. Easier and cheaper to go to my local Pet-O and get them to do a price beat of a cheap competitor price.

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    Postage killed the deal :( was going to get 3 bags of 30L Breeder’s Choice but it’s cheaper at Amazon for $20 a bag (free postage with Prime)

  • Most items are overpriced compared to other pet stuff sellers! Postage is an additional deal killer!

  • A lot of the popular items co8ncidentally say "Last one!" so you can't buy 2 or 3 for the 15% saving. How could they only have 1 left of popular dog food bags? They'd have THOUSANDS.

  • You can also get an additional 1% cashback with Shopback (via the app) which is still something.

  • If anyone finds a way to avoid the shipping, let us know. Cart has well over $50 but still getting charged for shipping. Definitely kills this deal

  • -1

    Wow, not even close to cheap even with the discount.

    • +1

      link cheaper?

  • budgetpetproducts cheaper on multiple items I looked at

    thanks for lying to me Jackie O

  • POSTAGE is too expensive for cat wet food…

  • Thanks! Cheapest price I've seen for Applaw's cat litter - $17 for 6kg

  • Got some Ivory Coat for a reasonable price, cheers mate!

  • $22 postage for a few packs of treats and 2kg dog food.. no thanks. Wish I knew postage wouldn’t be free after adding more items, what a waste of time.

  • +1

    Catmate is OK, 14.88 each for 3 bags

  • not bad . need to google first for price in other shops first, but I got 2 NEW Trouble Trix Odour Neutralising Mild Lavender Scent Crystal Cat Litter 15L
    Item price AU $41.98
    Item discount -AU $6.30
    Quantity 2
    price in petbarn - $34 per one

    Ivory Coat Cat Food Indoor Chicken & Kangaroo 3Kg
    Item price AU $39.99
    Item discount -AU $5.99

    Price in other shops: $42.99·My Pet Warehouse , $37.36·Net To Pet

    price before extra 15% that offsets delivery

  • Just bought 3 x 20kg Meals for Mutts. Was almost like buy 2 and get the 3rd free.

    Also for fun, lets see them deliver 60kg of dog food. Hope they don’t just drop a card and ive gotta get it from the post office.

  • Do they use Auspost? If I'm not at home during delivery will they leave it at post office?

  • Website down for anyone else?

  • Pet Circle is still cheaper for most things even with these sales on.

    Eg, Advance (Turkey) Dogs 15kg is $80 at Pet Circle (standard price) with free 1-2 shipping over $49. Same food at Pet Stock is $99 minus 20% is $79.20 then $14.95 postage. Best value is 20kg for $104 though at Pet Circle.

    Maybe work out close if you get 3+ items, but then sometimes you start to go look for things you weren't really going to buy anyway.

    • Royal Canin Maxi 8+ 15kg is still 7% more expensive than PetPost after the "20% discount".

      • Don't know about the Maxi, but the Royal Canin product I was looking at just dropped 25%. With an additional 20% off it's the cheapest I've ever seen it.

  • Seems like they've ended the promotion.

    PROWESS code still works though.

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