[VIC] Looking to Get a 2nd 9KG LPG Bottle. Any Good Deals around?

Per topic; my current 9KG depletes too fast while using an outdoor wok burner. No leaks, just wayyyy too powerful. Looking to get a 2nd one as spare so I dont have to run for refills while cooking halfway.

Any tips on where to get a 2nd bottle around west of Melbourne much appreciated, thanks


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    Keep an eye out on council collection days people chuck these out fairly regularly. Then just do the swap and go.

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      If you can't wait, the local tip, er, "waste transfer station" will let you take one for free.
      Woolies will swap and go expired bottles.


        i tried. they were rusty and/ or dented, not sure if a swap and go is possible.


          Why not spend a couple bucks on spray can. Will do wonders covering up the rust.

          Way more cost effective than buying a regular one.


          Go in when they're really busy and they probably won't bother checking.


    I got one from ebay that was in good nick and swap and go'ed it


    I bought a new 4.5kg bottle from BCF for $10 a year or two ago

    They had a fishing game promo on their website where I won $25 credit, then they had a 20% off members event so I combined the two.

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