Portable Speaker - Google Assistant / Chromecast Compatible

Hi all,

Looking to buy an outdoor portable speaker to link in to our home Chromecast audio network. This means when we have BBQs we can have the speaker linked into the same music we have playing throughout the house, but also in the backyard.

Ideally strong bass would be nice for outdoors and not worried about waterproof etc.

Alternatively I have a couple of spare Chromecast audio dongles but they need powered USB to run so I'd prefer native connection as part of the speaker.

Budget flexible up to $300 mark depending on discount level in true ozbargain fashion :-)

Thanks in advance for any tips!




    I know you asked for portable but why not try this solution. I bought a pair of these and connected my chromecast audio to it using the in built USB to power it up. Then I created a group in Google Home to pair the outside and inside speakers and then use Spotify to broadcast the music to the group. It will depend if you have power outisde.

    If not, you could buy a UE Megaboom and connect your chromecast audio to it via AUX but you'll need to power it up somehow. You could use a powerbank if you have one.

    Last solution, find a speaker with Google Assistant built in. No need for power as it can power itself.

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      If not, you could buy a UE Megaboom and connect your chromecast audio to it via AUX but you'll need to power it up somehow. You could use a powerbank if you have one.

      Megaboom can connect to a Google Home via Bluetooth, so you'll still be able to stream the same music. Just cast music from your phone to a speaker group that you setup prior, with the Megaboom included in the speaker set.

      And the Megaboom has an inbuilt battery, no need to power it


        Wow this is really good advice, thanks!

        I have a Google home so I set that up as the Bluetooth linked device in the Home app? Then just buy and connect any portable Bluetooth speaker, regardless of if it is Chromecast audio compatible?


      That's a pretty tip with the outdoor speakers, thanks. Are you saying these speakers have a powered USB port that the Chromecast dongle can run off? Specs and photo gallery don't show that.

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    Be careful when buying non-Google speakers for use with Google services. Most of them support Google Assistant, but very few of them actually support speaker grouping. And fewer again support the ability to Chromecast directly to them.

    I found this out the hard way with Sonos' implementation of Google Assistant on their Sonos One. While it has great sound quality, you can't cast to it or add it to a speaker group.

    You're probably better off going the CC Audio + 3.5mm (or Bluetooth) route. Or alternatively, just use any old Google Home Mini and Bluetooth to a decent Bluetooth speaker as the default output.

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    I use the JBL Link 20 Portable Bluetooth Speaker comes with Google Assistant. Its in my group of speakers, so can move that one to the best position when needed. Works well. Can also take it to the beach and on Holiday. Tho Google assistant doesn't work without WIFi.

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      Second the JBL Link 20. We have two of them and they work great. Functions exactly the same as a google home including participating in the chromecast groups and full management via the home app with the added benefit of water/dust resistant and portability. Good volume and sound etc.

      They have a bigger one but I haven't tried it.

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