Is There Any Way to Unsubscribe from The Front Page Deals? Eg email: A Deal Posted by "Xxxx"Has Just Made The Front Page

Getting allot of emails regarding front page deals, i tend to check oz bargains frequently and getting emails are redundant.
I cant find it in the FAQ, and i sifted through the setting and could notice anything relating to it.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.



    Can you change it in My Account>subscriptions>events

  • It's in the email. The link that says

    Unsubscribe from this notification.


    Alternatively as above. My Account - Subscriptions - Events


      Also when on a mobile phone the orange colour that denotes your own comment makes it very hard to read anything else along that line,
      i.e plus or minus votes for example, the font colour could be different so it makes the line readable.

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    Thanks Mod. sneaky grey font slipped my notice.

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