iPad Mini 4 Used or New Mini 5?

Who thinks a as new condition iPad mini 4 32gb 4g is worth $320? its 2 year old no warranty. Mainly want for ebooks/browsing at home and showing customers photos for work on the road. Or the new mini 5 64gb 4g is $799 can get IF over 3 years via HN. 32gb could be enough i use iCloud.
I have a Telstra data share sim in a iPad 11" but too big and don't want to wreck it on the road.


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    The jump between Mini 4 & Mini 5 was huge (A8 to A12) (probably the biggest jump in a product’s specs ever for Apple).
    The Mini 4 will also likely stop receiving iOS updates soon.
    Personally I think $320 for a Mini 4 is too much.

    If you get the Mini 5 you could probably use it for a few years and still get half your money back by selling it used.


      Thanks, i think you are right. I might even just get the wifi for $599 and download my work photos on it or Does iCloud photos work if you hotspot to your iPhone?

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        I’m pretty sure all services work on the iPad WiFi model when tethered to hotspot on your phone (iPad basically treats your hotspot the same as a home WiFi connection).
        But since this is the case you may want to limit some features on the iPad like Background App-refresh / AppStore auto-updates / iTunes downloads in order to preserve your Phones battery-life / cellular data usage.

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    mini 5 wifi, use data from your phone

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    I upgraded from a Mini 4 to Mini 5 - huge difference in performance, and the screen is noticeably brighter and more colour accurate on the 5.

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