Sony 85" X9500G or LG 86" SM9400

Hello, I am lucky enough to be able to purchase the LG for the same price as The Good Guys has the Sony for ($5995). The Sony is very well-reviewed, as it has been out for a little longer. The LG has only very recently been released and has no review available - which makes me a little hesitant to buy it.

Both TVs are incredible!

I need to make a reasonably quick decision to buy either of these TVs and would love your input on which you would buy and why?

My uses:
Main lounge room TV
Some PS4 (including fast-paced first-person shooters) use
Lots of sport
Lots of movies

let me know if I can provide further context.

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    LG 86" SM9400
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    Sony 85" X9500G


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    Fast answer - I just bought the X95 and we love it day and night.
    Paid $5600 from HN.
    VA vs IPA screens is dependent on your situation.
    Compare here:
    Oh - recommend if you can pay a little extra, idk, $100, have someone set it up that monster (and get rid of the cardboard).
    Good luck!

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      You’re a legend! Thank you so much for your considered and detailed response. I am going to go for the Sony (-:
      I will definitely work with the retailer on a better price too!
      Thanks again.

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        Stay away from the LG unless they have added FALD. I have a 2016 75uh855t. The top down blooming of light in a dim lit room is terrible. Makes watching this tv terrible. Partially due to being edge lit but also due to being a IPS panel.


    Any gaming lag with the x95?

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