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Bodum 3-Cup (350ml) French Press Coffee Plunger - Pale Pebble $9 (RRP $35) + Postage/C&C NSW @ Peter's of Kensington


Also available in "Denim" (Blue)

When Swiss’ swish coffee maker, Bodum, introduced the French Press Coffee Plunger back in the Eighties, the entire world developed new found strength in the palm of their hands when they pressed down to take the plunge.

This elegant chrome coffee maker is still going strong. In fact, Caffetteria's design is still as chic now as it was in the Eighties but importantly its delivery of full strength coffee just the way you like it, is still essential. Start your day the right way with the delicious aroma of freshly brewed coffee in your Bodum French Press.

Caffetteria French Press Coffee Maker features:
Made in Portugal.
Crafted from high-quality stainless steel and heat-resistant glass.
Filter made from stainless steel.
Handle made from bakelite to conduct heat well.
Spout allows for easy pouring.
Coffee scoop included.
All parts of the coffee maker are dishwasher safe.

Colour: Pale Pebble.
Capacity: 350ml – 3 cups.

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    Anyone able to comment on these?

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      Always buy fresh beans and grind immediately prior to brewing for best result.


      I went from espresso coffee at home to French press. I really liked it and didn't want to go back. It's an Americano type coffee with a bit of milk, stronger tasting than say a latte obviously. At least how I made it.

      As the other reply said, best to grind the beans yourself straight into the pot. Very coarse grind. Otherwise it can be gritty.

      You really taste the character of the coffee this way, not as much as black coffee but.


      My bodum has now been going for 30 years, mostly with daily use. The french press relies on the quality of the S/S filter. Many Bodum (like mine) have good filters, but they also sell a cheaper range which I wouldn't recommend. Other brands/products you may see going cheap can have very poor quality filters.

      For the best result, use good quality fresh beans and wash up your french press after each use. A good filter can remain like new.

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    great comments


    Ahhh bodum, the products of Victorias basement and peters of Kensington that have exorbitant prices but seem to always be on discount


    Good price. Too bad sold out :(