Can I set up push notifications?

Hi all,

Hope i can put this here. I am on the OzBargain facebook page and i have the app on my phone but how can i get push notifications on certain categories? I would have loved to jump on that Drone deal lol..

Bit its been a few times now that i miss deals because i don't monitor the site the entire time :(



    There is no official app but through the website you can set up notifications for posts in certain categories.

    Go here and set yours up. Note that the link will work for OP only. Anyone else wanting to do this needs to go to their settings > subscriptions > categories and select their preferences.


    I love you lol… tx a lot for the tip :)


    Another way is to grab the OzBargain RSS and send a Pushbullet notification via IFTTT.

    Personally, I use Tasker to do a HTTPGET. Much better.

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