How to Sideload Australian Prime Video App to 4k Fire Stick

Hi all,

I bought a 4k firestick after reading on here you can side load the Australian Prime Video app but I cant work out how. All the posts mentioned to google it but I have tried 3 options and no luck so far. I would like to know what way someone did it that has it working.

App2fire on the phone should have worked but gave error that location already existed or simular.

Thanks in advance 😁


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    Click here and download this apk

    Now you have two options (three really but you already have the apk)

    Follow this guide to Sideload via your mobile phone (probably the easiest way)
    I noticed that you tried this already. What location existed? Were you trying to transfer a apk or the whole file structure?
    Follow this guide to Sideload via a PC

    Note that I don't have a Firestick. Just 5 mins of googling and it looks similar to how you sideload other devices.


      Thanks for trying to help me out :)

      The apk link just goes to the apkpure home page but I assume it was for Prime Video for Android TV apk. This is already installed on the fire TV by default but apparently there's an Australia version which is points to AU Prime accounts. The Prime Video installed just give an error 5505 (location error).

      When trying to install using App2fire on the phone it downloads fine but when it trys to install it seems to find a file already on the FIRETV (probably the US version) and fails.

      It probably needs a modified APK or a way to uninstall the US version first. I assumed it would be easy but no :(


    Sorry if stupid question. What’s the benefit of getting the Australian Prime app over the already installed version?


      you need to use the Prime Video associated with your Prime Account e.g. Australian Prime membership gives you Australian Prime Video not US Prime Video and vice versa.

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