Where Have All of The SSD Sales Gone???

We went from flooded to zero. By SSD, I mean standard 2.5".

What happened??


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    what do you mean? there's been a few this week

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    Yes, I've been searching for another cheap SSD deal after I mixed up a couple of orders with Amazon and eBay for the Samsung Evo and Crucial SSDs. Long story short I got refunds and need to buy again.

    The cheapest Samsung Evo 1tb SSD I can find now is $199. The Samsung Borderlands deal is still on til the end of the month.

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    There are only a few NAND manufacturing plants in the world that make all NAND for SSDs. One of these plants had an "accident" with their electricity supply which destroyed one quarter's supply of NAND so prices have gone up.

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    Was wondering my self about this today, wasnt looking for any 2.5" SSDs a couple months ago and it was basically flooded with SSD sales, and now i'm looking for one and there isnt any decent ones for sale.


    Diji1: Didn't know about the NAND plant issue. Guess that's the answer. Prior to this, there seemed to be 1-3 deals a day on them.

    Spaceback: I have been searching, thanks. There are a lot of non-2.5", & very few cheap 240/50/56's (capacity requested by clients). I don't have Ebay+ so the price of the only one that is still on sale from your link bumps to regular local price w/shipping added.

    Thanks everyone.

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