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Samsung EVO Plus MicroSD 64GB $11.96, 128GB $23.96 + Delivery ($0 with eBay Plus) @ Shopping Square eBay


Shopping Square Extra $5 off Promo stacks with eBay's 20% off PATRON20 eBay code, discount shows at Checkout.

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    Good deal if you have ebay plus. Shipping kills it for me :(

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      Yeah pretty suck of seeing this over and over again not writing the delivery cost. It's almost as much as the card itself certainly a bad deal for most. I would neg it for not quoting shipping but they already remove negative votes here. Not what it used to be.

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      They've got some nerve charging $10 for shipping when all they do is stick the card in a regular envelope with no padding. Still, takes forever to receive it — I bought some usb cables from China that actually arrived before the cards


    Thoughts on these for gopro black 8?


    Any idea if these are Australian stock with 10year warranty?


    From SS ebay: Evo Plus 128G with Adaptor : $36.95 + shipping.
    MSY: same one for $39.

    if any Price Beat from OW will be close.

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    Thanks OP.

    so weird when I chose qty 1 for 128gb it shows final price as $23.96. But when I chose qty 2 it shows $51.92 difference of almost $4. Had to purchase twice :(