Suggestions for Best iPad Protective Cover

My 8 year old son needs to take his own device for grade 3 next year. The school provides a reasonable price for the actual iPad through Jb hi-fi, but I know my son and this thing is going to get dropped and broken (or stolen).

Can anyone suggest a decent hard-wearing cover that gives us the best chance this thing will last. I've been looking at otterbox but was wondering if there is something else out there I am missing.


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    Otterbox is probably your best bet. There are off-brands that effectively perform the same as the Otterbox at half it’s price, and you can look into those too, they’re on eBay.

    Sturdy, ugly looking things. I have one on my phone right now!


      Sturdy is certainly what I am looking for, thank you.

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        Couldn’t fix up my comment, so apologies for the addendum:

        Essentially anything that has a two sleeve case (silicon sleeve with plastic shell) and a plastic screen which covers the entire case. You can double up by applying a tempered glass or plastic film across the screen if you’re overtly cautious, though this may affect how much pressure is required for the iPad to accept input from fingers.


      Otterbox like other brand-name cases I think is over-priced.

      My mother can be clumsy at times,
      so I got her this for $24 @ Officeworks and it has been great. Another colour here.
      Pretty gaudy colours but it does the job with internal plastic-frame & rubber exterior sleeve, they are basically similar in build & function to the $100+ ones.

      Regarding the screen cover, it is only necessary if you expect to have the screen come in contact directly with a corner of some-sort. With normal drops the case prevents the screen from getting hit.

      Also buying in-store at Officeworks makes for an easy return if you bought the wrong sized case.
      Another tip is to double check the iPad model, we bought online once for our iPad Mini only to discover it was the wrong ‘iPad Mini’ model case and we had to pay postage to send it back.

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    We use the STM DUX for all our school iPads.

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    Otterbox all the way saved my ipad a few times now I dont use the screen protector it can just be taken out.



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