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Hi Team

I was spammed by Kogan yesterday on https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-smarterhome-ip54-battery-...

It meets my criteria of

  • Wifi
  • Finger print
  • Code
  • RFID
  • App Access
  • Handle (not all electronics have a handle)

But it's Kogan branded… which means it will break.

I have two kids, 2 and 4 and I expect the 4 year old to walk home from school on her own as of next year. Being a typical 4 year old, I can't expect her to always remmeber her keys - she does remember everyone's phone pincodes so she should be ok with that. Having a deadbolt AND handle in one means I can mount it at lower enough for her and her brother to use. They may also need to make a quick toilet break from the park.

There are 2 doors which will be fixed with these locks, so I can't be spending more than $300 per lock, the front door sets me back another $650. So much sadness. https://www.bunnings.com.au/woodcraft-doors-2040-x-820-x-40m...

Are there better locks which have handles et all at the $200 price point?



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    I know it doesn't match your criteria, but I'm personally waiting for the Schlage Encode series to arrive in Australia. Was told around October, so hopefully before xmas. $500 estimate though :(

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      $500! Not much if there's only 1 door…. but 2 doors and then fancy handles. Already too many thousand over budget :P


    that actually looks pretty good
    only one year warranty, how much to extend it to 3 year?
    it doesnt replace a cylinder though, will need to cutout the door for a mortise lock

    i installed a xiaomi lock, kids love it (have put their fingerprints in)
    we love never being locked out and it does give the kids a bit of freedom
    the xaoimi cant add temporary pins over the internet, it looks like this lock can though so thats a good thing

    this lock is also cheaper

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    Are you seriously indicating you expect your 4/5 year old to walk home by herself?


      This. A more appropriate age would be 8 in my opinion

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      Ummm… I think you want me to say no here…. so… no.

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        Pulls out popcorn waiting for article on "FACS has taken my kids and charged me with child endangerment, what do I do now?". If you are, seriously, considering this then remember there are some very disturbed people out there and a 5 year old doesnt stand a chance against them.


          I doubt any school is going to get a 4 or 5 year old leave the premises by themselves.

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            @ben0551: I completely agree with you on that. The trouble is some people have odd ideas on their children. You keep hearing about very young children being left on their own and parents sending then "down the shops" to buy stuff. Then you hear about the ones that go missing or are molested.


              @try2bhelpful: I am an overly protective dad. They think they are allowed to do whatever they want but I always have eyes on them and catch them just before they severely hurt themselves.

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                @ben0551: Good for you. Unfortunately the line between resilience and "in over your head" can be a tad fine. We were pretty feral, in our youth, but we, mainly, got away with it; with only a few scars. I've got to admit play equipment was a lot more fun back then but if, at least, one of your friends didn't have a broken arm you were lucky. The real horror stories from that era are, only now, coming out of the woodwork; we were very lucky we didn't meet the wrong people on our travels.


    In relation to locks we currently have a Samsung one that uses PIN Numbers and standard cards, like MYKI cards, that can be programmed into them. Unfortunately we haven't found any other locks that allow you to program things like MYKI cards, you need their proprietary ones. One thing we are looking for, if we replace this lock, is a physical key which means we can get in if the entire lock system fails. We can put the battery on the points in the case of battery failure but, I suspect, we will be locked out if the entire lock fails. If not then the door will automatically open and leave itself open.


    A: Why do you need them on more than one door?
    B: Why fingerprint and PIN code?

    What you sound like you are looking for is an access control system.

    If you are getting a new door, you are going to have to drill new holes and get the door morticed for a new lock mechanism. Then you are going to need to get your striker moved down the door frame. The door will need to be mounted and adjusted. You can DIY, but best to let a tradesman do it.

    You will also possibly need to comply with building regulations that says that door handles have to be mounted at between 900 and 1100mm from the ground.

    Just how low were you planning on mounting it? What are you going to do in 2 or 3 years when the kids can reach regular door handles? get another door? Put the old one back on?


      A: Split level home. Don't want to need keys for downstairs if upstairs is keyfree.
      B: We have a dog, dogs can't use fingerprint scanners. Joke. If we need someone to keep while we're away, PIN is better then signing up everyone who may be helping out.

      Our current height (bought 4 months ago) is 1300 and 1500. I'd prob be going 1100. I haven't seen any front doors with low (under 1100) handles.


        I think having RFID/PIN/Bio is too much redundancy. Basically, a PIN can do the same as Bio. It lets you back in without the need for a physical key. So, doing away with one or the other may save you money. I would do away with Bio due to users needing to be there to input their details, and the increased cost of having a Bio reader. PIN is much easier to work with and can be deleted and added at will.

        WiFi is also a non-essential feature. Just another thing to kill battery life and to go wrong. You can set up a "family" PIN and a "disposable" PIN. If someone needs access while you are not there, you can just give them the "disposable" PIN and change it when they leave. Unless you have people coming and going all the time, WiFi is just not really that essential. And if you do have people coming and going all the time, maybe think about giving them their own PIN or, as I said above, look into getting an access control system.

        App access might be nice if it makes it easier to add and/or delete users, but if its only function is to open the door and lock it, then it's a bit of a overkill if there is already Bio, PIN, NFC/RFID as options.

        If you want cheaper alternatives, look at what features you absolutely need and what ones are just "nice to have". Aim for a system that has RFID/NFC card reader and PIN access. Is programmable for a number of user codes that can be added into slots and deleted as required. Then start adding the "nice/wishlist" features like Bluetooth/App access, WiFi access and then Biometric.

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    Over your price range but I recently installed a Lockly for almost the same reasons as you list and it's been perfect. I thought I'd need the wifi gateway for it, but after using it I don't think it's so important. I've only got one and I don't think there's any way to share the fingerprins between two, so you'd have to enroll everyone on each lock.


    Looks like the Kogan but with better app compatibility and cheaper


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