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[Amazon Prime] Fury of Dracula 4th Edition $44.21 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Sold via Amazon US (currently $76.24 from Amazon AU) with Prime delivery. Killer price with free delivery from US for Prime members at the moment. I thought I got a bargain picking this up for $55 earlier in the year…

Eight years ago, a small band of God-fearing people stopped Count Dracula. Or so they thought, Play as Count Dracula and claim dominion over the night as you sire new vampires, lay traps, and lead your enemies on a wild-goose chase. However, some will prefer to play as the Hunters determined to put a stop to the wicked count and destroy him!

  • A Game of deduction and Gothic horror
  • The count returns with 5 new fully painted figures for Dracula and each Hunter!
  • 2-5 players where one is Dracula being tracked by the hunters. Ages 14 and up. 2-3 hour playing time
  • Same suspenseful Game, now with an improved, easier to follow rulebook and larger, standard-size playing cards
  • Excellent replay value! Get a unique experience depending on which of the characters you play as
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