Can QLD RE motorcycle license transferred in R in NSW

I am holding QLD RE license, might want to know is it possible to transfer to R license in NSW or VIC? Thanks,


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    As a non-Queenslander, what does the RE mean? If it’s your full license for riding, then yes, it will transfer over. If it’s for learner or provisional, then it will transfer over as that.

    Edit: seems as though it is Learner/provisional restriction…

    You will find the into you require here on the RMS website for NSW

    Rider, current learner
    Learner rider licence.
    You do not have to attend a pre-learner rider course.

    You may be eligible to take a riding test without being issued a NSW learner rider licence – call us on 13 22 13 or visit a service centre or registry to discuss your personal situation.

    Expired learner riders are required to pass pre-learner rider training and a rider knowledge test.

    If you need the Vicroads info, it can be found on the "Vicroads website"

    But, basically, no, you cannot convert a learners/provisional license into a full riders license just by changing states.

    Years ago when I moved from NSW to Vic, there were different laws relating to your age and license. I had my full NSW riders license, but when I moved to Vic, I was put back to a P2 (that didn't exist in NSW at the time) all because of my age.


    RE mean Restricted license which you can only ride < 650cc.

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      So, what you are basically asking is; "How can you cheat the system and get your full license without having to do the time?"

      Please, for the sake of other road users, don't. Just do your time and learn to ride on the road like everyone else has had to do. Stick with the bikes you can "legally" ride. There is a reason why young/inexperienced people have to ride out their restrictions.

      So, Stop drooling over that GSXR/CBR/ZX-R/YZF-R/119x… and just think how much cheaper that bike will be once you have finished your provisional period.

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        So, what you are basically asking is; "How can you cheat the system and get your full license without having to do the time?"

        I did something similar about 5 years ago. I had a NSW licence car licence when I moved to VIC. I did the Ls and Ps in NSW and changed my licence over to VIC so I didn't have to serve out the Ps time in NSW. I went straight to an unrestricted licence in VIC because I was over 25. They've since introduced the graduated system in VIC so the same trick isn't going to work anymore.

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          Yeah, the wife did something similar when she had her Vic P’s and we moved to NSW.

          There were a heap of tests she had to do at the end of her NSW P’s if she transferred, so we just left her license as a Vic until it was full and transferred it then.


          Many moons ago, I sat for my Ls. In that same group was someone bragging about something but I wasn't tuned in. The Ls test was done as a group back then. Not sure what's the go today.


          The next day, I read that someone who just got their Ls got themselves killed on a litre bike… it was the bragging dude. There were already power restrictions back then.

          It is also wiser to learn on a smaller bike. I had a postie as my first, a CBR250RR, a few nakeds, 600s and then 1000. I had mates and family that went straight to 600 and 1000. They took much longer to get comfortable riding the knee pads.


        OP, a few of the LAMS bikes can do 0-100 in sub 5 seconds, I highly doubt that they're too slow at least for the rest of your restricted period.


      My boss asked me whether I would like to move to NSW or VIC. so ask….

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    Is there a reason you didn't look at the NSW and/or Vic road sites before posting here?

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    I guess everyone is very polite here~

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    My dad only had his RE in NSW and that transferred automatically to R when he moved to Perth. I was sad that he could drive my ZX6 while I was learning R class even though he never had a test!

    This was in the 80s though

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    How long have you had your QLD RE license for?
    I had a RE QLD license and when I moved to VIC, since I had my RE for over a certain amount of years (cant remember if it was 3 or 5 years), they gave me a R VIC license.
    This was around 18 months ago.

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