Issue with Generic Bluetooth Dongle

Recently bought a CSR 4.0 bluetooth dongle on eBay from an aussie seller for $5. Took 3 weeks to arrive…

i got it yesterday. Tested it out and find it very hard to connect to any device. i tried to connect with a Pro Controller, bluetooth speaker, headphone, earphone, and phone. all failed to connect. Except the Mi bluetooth speaker. Even then it keeps dropping out every few minutes.

says it's compatible with win10 but i thought might be driver not compatible..? Went on and downloaded a driver from the internet, still no luck.

it is possible that i might have received a faulty unit.

i just want to know if anyone had similar issues with cheap dongle, and should i just move on to buy some proper branded bluetooth dongle, like TP-link/8bitdo? or any recommendation from ozb that is cheap and worth trying.

i don't feel like to wait another 3 weeks for another faulty unit…Please help :(


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    Do you have any other wireless devices around, I know when I try to connect to my phone I had to stop nfc, wifi, bluetooth of other devices, watch etc. Only really had this issue with cheaper bluetooth devices though, so thinking it may be the case?


      only thing i have around that is wireless is the mouse.. but i need it on tho.. and of course the internet also i need it on tho.


    I bought a similar device maybe 2 years ago for a Sony Bluetooth headset with microphone. It appeared as CSR 4.0 bluetooth so I'm guessing it was the same hardware at least.

    I had a bunch of issues where I could only use the microphone if I used the 'telephone' device in sound manager, unfortunately, this meant that the sound was reduced to telephone quality. Therefore, I couldn't play games or anything using this because the sound was terrible.
    I could connect the full quality bluetooth sound but not use the microphone at the same time.

    No issues with dropouts though. I remember I had to install the driver, which installed some software. Whenever a device connected it popped up a "CSR" notification in the taskbar bottom right of the screen.

    TBH, I think it's just pretty garbage. I do remember having to mess around with finding/installing drivers and software

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    I bought this Wavlink dongle from Amazon. It uses CSR chipset

    With prime it's only $5 shipped and it's shipped within 2 days.

    Worked fine with my Sony Bluetooth headsets, Xbox controller and Windows Mixed reality VR controllers.

    If for some reason you don't like CSR chipsets, try searching for broadcom alternative. maybe try BCM20702


      Looks exactly the same with my CSR, just the brand is different. i might ask for a refund from my seller and buy this thanks. Shipping should be a lot quicker than 3 weeks since its from Amazon?


    Took 3 weeks to arrive.

    Drop shipper?

    I purchased my Mini Wireless USB Bluetooth Adapter V4.0 in a 2 pack from

    No problems, arrived quickly with a mini CD with W10 drivers on, and works for all my Bluetooth devices.

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