Trying to See if Some Sort of Comfortable Elastic Long Work Pants Exist

So started working as a cleaner which is great keeps me busy and I feel really fulfilled and not bored at home though I miss the long naps and sleeping in but I am hoping the money will be good have not gotten my first Payslip yet still early days probably end of this week or next week.

Any ways so as a cleaner I need to wear required clothing which for my job includes :

  • long work pants (not denim)
  • enclosed leather shoes (using some old rivers one for now but I need to replace it I am going to research skechers and see if they have any good one.. Honestly they are not that strict but don't want something too ridiculous looking comfort is the most important because I am basically walking non stop almost for 8 hours a day and I take the train so still lots of walking don't worry I am working on getting a car keep posted for that further update :))
  • long sleeve shirt (now interestingly I think you can wear almost anything guaranteed it is long sleeve and not to thin or has holes but like branded stuff is ok have noticed some other co-workers wearing anything as long as it is long sleeve some even wear a short sleeve shirt over the long sleeve shirt but I am good on shirts no help needed there)

What I have come to the ozbargain brains trust for is to see if I can find a long work pants (think what tradesmen and construction workers wear) which I have but with something more comfier than the button in the middle and stiff waistline.

I am hoping maybe there is a long work pant that maybe has like a stretchy elastic in the middle where the belt goes instead of the stiff common we normally see.

There has got to be something out there and honestly I would pay over $200 for one because the comfort factor would mean I won't get stressed as fast and have more energy not worrying about my tight belt line.

Before anyone starts saying to lose weight or run some more fat boy I must say thanks to this job I think I am or will a lot because I am on my feet a lot and even if I eat twice what I was when I was sedentary at home just sleeping or on my computer all day the amount of work I am doing means I am burring a lot of energy fast.

Any ways I digress, so yeah looking for a long work pant with a very comfortable flexible mid section or the garter or belt area whatever it is called it would mean so much to me if I can find something less stiff and with more flexibility.

If possible one with a cargo pocket and two back pockets as well as deep side pockets as my current pants has 5 pockets and they are all really helpful like I use 4/5 pockets every day so far maybe just my back left is untouched (needs some love).

Lastly but honestly not that important I will probably ask this at another time as it is not as time sensitive but if anyone can recommend some really solid or comfortable enclosed leather shoes (just means no holes and not too short but honestly any normal shoe will do) I would really really appreciate it as I need some good durable work shoes that feel good on my feet even after 14 hours (rough time I have been getting home I do some shopping and eating out after work sometimes to treat myself after a hard day's work and it feels good sometimes sometimes).

So yeah with both those items now finally fully described and posted I ask you ozbargain for your eternal knowledge and experience to help me on this quest to find these awesome work items to help me get through the day.

I just remembered that I might be also on the hunt for a new bag something slightly bigger than a laptop bag with maybe a few extra compartments to help the ease of sorting some extra work stuff that I sometimes bring to make things smoother in case I am far from a cleaner room.

As an example it took me the 4th day to find the disposable gloves so I just supplied my own thanks to the latest Woolworths ozbargain deal and not I need to find some disposable masks probably just dust or P1 for now as backup since I have not seen some and had to bring some from home but I am running out.

Any ways yeah this job is still fun still first week so things are still new and exciting but maybe in a few years time it will feel like ozbargain (lol bad joke) I am kidding I still love ozbargain even more than when I very first laid eyes upon Her? Him? It? Thing? Attack helicopter?

Ok alienc signing off bye for now have a nice day.

Edit: I am sorry everyone I must admit I am going through a tough time and I use ozbargain to destress life can be scary sometimes you never know what to expect or what might come next. Sincerest apologies if that phrase even means something any more. Maybe I should get a journal but I like the back and forth with you all honestly it is my only enjoyable interaction in this world. Grim dark huh.



    yoga pants


      Lol I might get some looks from the teachers and get some even more worried looks from the parents.

      Basically no unless I don't want this job lol thanks for the best suggestion ever though I bet the next one will be something like g string or budgie smugglers.. Fantastic lol


    Something like this?
    Some options here too:

    But I would probably go to Lowes in person and try some on.


      I checked work wear hub already unfortunately their definition of 'stretch pants' is not what I had hoped for.

      The stretch I believe is in regards to below the waistline material and not the belt line or the waist area.

      If you look at the photos you can see that they all have buttons in the photo and not like a garter or pull string kind of mechanism so not elastic but I will try have to check maybe with support if it is possible to verify this.

      The pants definitely look stiff at the top which is the part I want to have some flexibility or elasticity basically the opposite of formal wear.

      Thanks for the suggestion I gotta get back to work now so will comment later through out the day and check up on that other link you sent me later.

      The hunt continues.

      Might go to Penrith and have a day trying all the shops for clothes some time.

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    Some of these have an elastic waistband, and a drawstring to tighten


    I buy these, Comfort Waistband that extends 3 inches beyond the waistline to conform to your daily movements. Also available in Big and Tall.


    I'd take a look at elasticated hiking pants.
    Rivers, decathlon, mountain warehouse and Uniqlo.
    Really comfy, durable and usually have options of pockets.
    Bad work wear has some but not sure of price to quality. ~$80


    These are the ones I wear. On special at the moment.


    You aren't supposed to "find" PPE. You are supposed to ask your supervisor or fellow workmate.


    These are the BEST if you don't need to wear proper PPE footwear.

    You can easily walk all day every day. Very very comfy.

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    Holy crap that's a long way to ask for stretchy pants. But I'm not one to talk.
    Anyway jogger pants kinda seem like they'd be up your alley.
    Wear your favourite sneakers or whatever if you can.
    Bags. There's heaps to choose from, maybe just check out what's available at kmart, or a store with a decent selection of good bags. This should point you in the right direction

    But don't spend heaps buying stuff for a new job too early. Just in case something happens or it's shit. And even if not, your eagerness will wear off and you'll have spent too much on some crap you no longer see value in.
    Also because dirty jobs will ruin clothes. You should aim to wear your old worn out stuff, or cheap functional crap, so that when it's all stained later you can happily bin it. No one judges cleaners by their clothes anyway, as long as you aren't revealing too much. Save the buttcrack for your tinder profile.


      Haha funny words man that is really true.

      I just panicked and bought what looked good or work ready but yeah honestly I could probably rock up in some comfy wear and as long as it doesn't look like I'm in sleepwear or going to the gym should be good.

      There has to be a good shoe that makes long work days oh your feet better or maybe I am just dreaming something from the movies or science fiction now.


        yea just get a pair of shoes that fits you better. you gotta work this out for yourself, everyones different.
        personally i find shoes with thicker, cushioned soles work for me, especially at the heel. i used to always wear nike af1s and most other shoes would hurt after a day. recently i found a few options from timberland which are comfy and look better so i can stop wearing basketball shoes all the time

        but something like skechers, or a subdued sports/running shoe might look shitty, but be aimed at softening heel impact and providing arch support, which may be the main things. or not, depends on you.
        go to athletes foot or something and talk to someone who knows what they are talking about

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    Go to a store that sells work wear. Or go to DFO or something similar and browse store that sell mens clothing.

    Maybe it's just me, but it seems like you're putting in so much thought Into something that should be simple?


      Just asking others what they like to use or if any shoes stand out kind of like asking what are the good phones at the moment.

      I was told skechers is a good look into but I was told that by a retail salesman from a different store and company to skechers so no idea of they are actually good or he just works for skechers on the down low.

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        Just asking others what they like to use or if any shoes stand out kind of like asking what are the good phones at the moment.

        We get that, but you literally wrote an essay about it. Be more succinct next time e.g. work as a cleaner, need suitable comfortable pants. What do you recommend?


          I guess yeah it is too much sorry new job giving me a lot of stress both mentally and physically.

          I must admit I use ozbargain to cope with life and before you say anything this is my only last horcrux.

          There is nothing left really after this.. Games are not an escape for me any more only ozbargain works to numb the insanity and the pain.

          Doctors and psychologists don't work I tried both and a psychiatrist.. None worked as good as ozb and maybe a few other hotspots but my memory escaped me.

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        Every one has opinions. Mr brown might say X shoes are super comfy, but he has weird feet. Go to the shops and try them on. Shouldn't be hard since you have a huge budget and there are stores dedicated to cater your industry.


          Very true was just fishing for some leads but I will be doing that and a few google searches to see if any shoes stick out to try them.

          Right now all I got is maybe skechers and some cushion type shoes.

          I dunno maybe there is an empty gap in the market for a shoe that makes you really feel like you are walking on air or maybe a huge cushion or something that doesn't tire your sole.



            I dunno maybe there is an empty gap in the market for a shoe that makes you really feel like you are walking on air or maybe a huge cushion or something that doesn't tire your sole.

            Pretty every shoe brand has a line that markets with that description.

            A very well known brand has probably even trademarked the word Air. But they're not designed for trade work and most like don't offer foot protection.


        I have owned a few Sketchers shoes in recent years and find they are very comfy but have very poor grip in the wet… which you might need to consider given your job?


          Ok yeah need something that is good for stability when moving through wet surfaces, inclines and declines and uneven bumpy areas.

          Basically worst case scenario is getting deep into a steep incline in the bushes to get chippy packets that the wind has taken on a journey to hilly areas where I need to be able to carry stuff while picking up stuff from the ground.

          Certain shoes like very stiff work boots and blundstones can sometimes be hard to get in hard to reach places with so sneakers and comfy slip ons believe it or not for me personally do best.

          Everybody is different so what might work for somebody might not work for someone else.

          Honestly the ideal shoe for me would be something with the flexibility of a sneaker, durability or strength of safety work boots, comfortability of skechers or other great impact or comfort shoes and ease of clean or cleanability of gumboots or basically can be washed off easily or put on the washing machine for ease.

          Honestly the first monstrosity to come to mind is some sort of enclosed more flexible comfort fitting crocs but the more I think about it the more I laugh but yeah that is what first comes to mind for me some sort of hybrid monster that can be used in disgusting environments and easily be cleaned off with a hose and laundry wash and give better manoeuvrability than sneakers for complex terrain still providing grip and the strength of the strongest rugged work construction proof shoes known to man.. Oh and it needs to have B28 and a replaceable battery 😂😂😂

          I call this thing the battler or frontliner for when you need to have the very best of everything (patent pending)


          But yeah how has no one thought of this yet or filled the market with something like this I'm sure cleaners and forensic crime scene workers need something like this.


            @AlienC: Wow thanks for the detailed response…

            Why not ask colleagues what they use? They probably have better experience than eg average OzBargain commenter on what works.


              @jace88: Was my first idea but then thought it might sound weird asking new co-workers what they are wearing and making small talk when we should be working.

              Honestly what you should and shouldn't do at work is kind of daunting.


                @AlienC: Do you have zero connection with your colleagues? I'd ask them… small talk helps anyway. Otherwise just observe/watch what they use (although this might be creepier).

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    Have you thought about buying a journal rather than posting on Ozbargain?

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