Best eLearning provider

I am looking for the best free / low cost eLearning provider with courses in Project Management and ITIL. "Best" means reputable, actual learning capacity and - possibly most important - won't cause embarrassment on a CV!

Any of these fit the bill? Any others?

  • Udemy
  • Pluralsight
  • Harvard/Stanford/Berkeley(?)

Edit: a certification is a must. Thank you.



    In addition to the ones you have mentioned, checkout contents of the various open universities online.
    As far as CV goes, I never mention source of education, just mention what you have done.


    Try Edx I do'nt know if they have a courses in in Project Management and ITIL. It costs about $100 for certification and free if certification not required. I am busy studying an Excel course presented by Microsoft. It is by far better than any online course I have ever taken


      The course look great, very diverse.

      How well received are these in Australia? It looks like they're US based Uni's/Colleges offering the courses.

      Also, do you need to pay upfront for the certification? or can you complete the free course and then pay for the certification if you want it?