60% off Wholehearted Dog Food Varieties, 7.5kg for $28, 2.4kg for $14 @ Petbarn


60% off Wholehearted Dog food on clearance

Wholehearted Salmon & Pea Dog Food 12kg $48 save $71.99
Wholehearted Chicken & Pea Large Breed Dog Food 7.5kg $28 save $41.99
+ smaller bags.

Stacks with: Spend and save
$35 off when you spend $150
$70 off when you spend $250
$150 off when you spend $500

FREE DELIVERY* on orders over $49

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    Any good though?

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      I bought Salmon and Pea a month ago when it was on special, and no issues with my dog.

      I do give my dog kangaroo tails and other bones to make up for the lack of red meat. She has allergies this time of year, so was hoping grain-free might relieve some of it (she's on medication too).

      Most of the reviews online seem to praise it for being grain-free etc.

      Petfood reviews is 3.5/5

      I bought a couple of 7.5KG bags, and will use them on rotation with Billy & Margot Chicken Superfood, as well as bones etc to balance out in case it being too pea rich.


    Thanks. I had a spend and save offer if $25 off $100 spend, so the offer must vary.


    Seems like a pretty average quality food but should be better than supermarket variety.

    Peas are not meant to be good for dogs

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