Kogan Smart Kettle

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I was looking at this the other day and it was $99 and now $59.. down a bit now but not sure if its a sale or what. Anyone bought this before?

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    Geez, why do we need a Wi-Fi controlled kettle now?

    It seems like something which will be used as intended for 3 days, then used for 6 months as a conventional kettle before the circuitry fails from becoming waterlogged through a leak/heat damaged.

    See this vid (replace touchscreen with wifi) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2PMzSo1Bss


    Seems kinda dangerous to me. Wouldn’t trust Kogan with something that can potentially blow up my house LOL
    But the concept is cool though! Maybe for when I’m old and retired and all I do is drink tea and eat cakes.