Recommendations for Low Cost PC

Currently looking for a low cost PC that will effectively handle excel spreadsheets (Macro's & VBA included) and on some occasions may look at gaming on relatively low requirement games such as (Dota 2 or LOL)

I am looking for a device that is relatively small in size so SFF and tiny cases preferred.

Looking to display this through a HDMI (Already prepared for the DisplayPort to HDMI conversion)
Budget is roughly around the $300 mark, however happy to stretch for the right device
256gb SSD preferred, however 128gb is sustainable.

Hoping the PC is well-capable of my above requirements and not something that will be stretched in terms of output.
Any good deals or recommendations out there?
Or any feedback in terms of things I should be looking out for?




    Your requirements are pretty much the same as however you may need to spend more money if you want a discrete graphics cards for games. You'll be limited to lower power cards though due to power supply constraints, something like a Geforce GTX1050.

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      Cheap: $400 = great for kids or grandparents or extra HTPC
      CPU: i5-4570 (4core / 4thread)
      GPU: Intel Iris HD/GT2 (4K output from DP)
      RAM: 2x4GB DDR3-1600
      Storage: 256GB SSD (Cheap) + 1TB HDD (5400rpm)

      Bang for Buck: $400 + $100 = economical Xbox One/PS4 console killer
      GPU: Low Profile, Half-Height (GTX 750 Ti)*
      CPU: i7-2600k (4c/8t)
      RAM: 4x4GB DDR-1600
      Storage: 512GB SSD (WD Blue3D) + 2TB HDD (5400rpm)

      Max Specs: $600 + $300 = not worth it, unless you really like the small profile
      GPU: GTX 1650
      CPU: i7-6700 (4c/8t)
      RAM: 4x8GB DDR4-2100
      Storage: 1TB SSD (Samsung Evo) + 2TB HDD (5400rpm)

      *also available are: GTX 650, R7 360, GT 1030, GTX 750, RX 550, GTX 750Ti, GTX 950, RX 460, RX 560, GTX 1050, GTX 1050Ti, GTX 1650.

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