I Need 40+ Velocity Frequent Flyer Status Credits by Mid December

Does anyone have any good ideas how to get 40+ status credits with Velocity, in the most financially efficient way?

Currently don't have any travel plans. Family pooling all done. Based in Melbourne.




    AFF might be a better avenue to seek your answers. Velocity also just released some cheap business fares when booking 2+pax. Check those out


    Link your Flybuys/Velocity, and then shop at Coles. Up to 10 status credits per month I believe, depending on spend (1 credit per $100 maybe?).

    Did you all activate for the recent deal which gets you 10 status credits each?


      Yeah, got all that. Already took into account what I think is the max I can earn from coles. They have a 10 status credit limit a month anyway.

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      I agree with the above, spending $1200 at Coles or the Coles Liquor Stores per month on 2 separate flybuys accounts which are linked to your main velocity account and family pooled velocity account for 2 calendar months ($4800 spend overall) to get the 40 status credits you require. It’s expensive, but people always need to buy food and drink. Could try bulk buying certain items.

      Other option is to try and find a good value Virgin Australia fare which gets you the status you require.


    Make travel plans lol. Excuse for a weekend trip somewhere on elevate fare that is on tier 2


    Melbourne to Christchurch return around $600 will get you 40 SCs.


    Other than flybuys, the only other way is to fly lol. just do a quick weekend trip .

    Also, is this 40SC to Gold or Platinum?


      Maintain gold. :/


        it's worth it, just do it :P


          If you are struggling to get to the re qualification then I dont think it is worth it. Virgin have gone from being a full service airline to another low cost. Their planes are old and the add ons you get dont make scrounging to hit gold every year worth while.

          I have been gold for the last 5 or so years but only through family holidays every 6 or 12 months. The last 2 years we have bypassed Virgin in favour of cheaper seats on Jetstar and have not missed the benefits of Virgin and status at all.


            @Sawtell: The last year or two, I've traveled overseas a bit. What I appreciated was the reciprocal l gold benefits traveling with Singapore Airlines - I.e. Lounge access and priority baggage.

            Virgin domestic lounge has not been great, especially in Sydney.


              @bluedufflecoat: Exactly. I have VA purely for SQ flights. Also Hilton Gold was a good perk which I managed to maintain.

              Tho yes their domestic is not on par with Qantas but I do like their East-West coast flights much better than Qantas.

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    MEL to OOL via SYD. One way on Elevate and the other way on Getaway will get you 44 SCs. MEL to OOL is pretty cheap if not during peak periods


    Can anyone tell me how to work out how many status credits you can get with a flight. I understand points, but this status credit is confusing me (new to game). I will be silver (from red) on 12th dec this year and am wondering easy ways to make my way to gold.

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