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28 Black Energy Range 24 Cans $28 Delivered @ Dan Murphy’s


Member Offer 28Black range @Dan Murphy’s 24 cans for $28 including delivery.

28 Black

28 BLACK uses all natural ingredients to tap into a healthier source of energy. Without any taurine, artificial colours, preservatives or flavourings, we take the precious ingredients from Brazilian Açaí berries to guarantee an exceptional taste experience. 28 BLACK gives you natural energy throughout the day to live the life you want.

Drink without the worry of chemical sweeteners as 28 BLACK Sugarfree contains the 100% natural sweetener, Stevia. With only 6 calories per can, it's a guilt free sensation.

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Dan Murphy's
Dan Murphy's

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  • Is this an alcoholic drink or just a regular energy drink? How bespoke for OzBargain, maybe our taste is improving? Lol Jks what's better a better taste than cheap!

    • it's a regular energy drink, i've tried it once or twice (i'd like consider my self a energy drink/stimulant connoisseur) it has a very odd taste and texture - the energy hit isn't as good as something with …. taurine

  • Taurine is an essential amino acid… why is the lack of it from an energy drink a good thing?

    • Acai and taurine probably wouldn't taste great together. That's the only possible valid reason.

  • RIP Pancreas