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[NSW] Supercoat Dog Food 18kg $29.99 & Optimum Dog Food 15kg $39.99 @ Peto Penrith


PetO Penrith Hot Opening Offers!
$29.99 Supercoat Dry Dog Food 18kg and $39.99 Optimum Dry Dog Food 15kg for TWO DAYS ONLY.

Starting Saturday 26th October at the new PetO Penrith Store - 13 Aspen Street, Penrith (next to Dan Murphy's, where John Cootes used to be).

Saturday events also include:
- Sausage Sizzle
- Jumping Castle

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    Please don't feed your dogs either of these foods… they are complete rubbish.

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      There's some pretty basic things to look for when picking a good dry food for dogs.

      • High in quality meat (muscle meat, ideally not 'meal' meat)
      • No grains - veggies instead
      • High moisture content

      These are atrocious feeds, and will likely lead to your dog having kidney issues down the track.


    Black hawk and Royal Canin are what my breeders told me to stick with. Nothing else.


    Really, pets shouldn't be fed with dry food. The idea that you can get a balanced diet from a bag is a marketing trick. Some are certainly worse than others, but that's the crux of it.

    But if you're going to feed your animals this anyway.. then this is a really good price. Normally its ~$18 for a 8kg bag on special.