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[XB1, PS4] Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order $68 Delivered ($63 with Prime Savings) @ Amazon AU


PS4 Link: https://www.amazon.com.au/STAR-WARS-FALLEN-ORDER-PlayStation...

This is standard edition (rather than the previous Deluxe bundle) but this offer has a $5 additional discount for Prime members.
Game will be released on the 15th of November.

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Amazon AU

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  • Not to shit on the game, and I love Respawn's output, but please just don't pre-order EA games 🤦‍♂️

    • Yeah, I agree. I posted this cause it's a good deal (if you pre-order) but I always wait for a few reviews to come out, especially with EA. I got all excited about Anthem and I'm glad I didn't pre-order that!

    • I say this every game thread and get downvoted.

      There is no other industry around where you prepay for a product no one in the world has seen or reviewed.

  • I pre ordered it yesterday with shopbacks 12% cashback

  • Order 66, the main character would of been first to go, either by the empire or by other Jedi taking the opportunity.

  • Such a scummy move that Amazon have the PC version listed for more than the console versions.

  • Definitely will be waiting for reviews on this bad boy

  • I pre-ordered this back on Prime Day with the $10 discount, and managed to get customer service to credit me $5 back when this new Prime pre-order promotion came around (so $53 all up, with Prime day one shipping). I'm going to play it, finish it, then flip it on eBay for more than what I paid for it :P

  • Auspost (profanity) me on this. Estimated (revised) delivery is Tuesday.

    • Ugh, I absolutely hate when that happens. Was it a delivery to your home/work or to a Parcel Locker?
      I've found Parcel Locker can sometimes help, but if it's a busy one then it can sometimes work against you as well. If they fill up then that can cause your package to get delayed.

    • Same! Mine says Monday. Contacting Amazon about it - hoping for a partial refund at least (they're pretty generous some times).

      • Ordered something from Prime Day on one of their specials. Never got the goods so I contacted them and they told me it was lost. When I checked for the same product it was out of stock so.

        They refunded my money and said they would credit me an extra $5. My refund money came through but my $5 credit didn't.

    • Was told the delay is due to the bushfires…which i find hard to believe.

      Only got 1 month prime extended to my account.

  • Had the same issue. Mine is expected for Tuesday.