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Joop Perfume 200ml $55 Includes Personalisation + Free Shipping @ TRUPerfumes


Fix your Monday blues with this amazing personalisation deal from TRUPerfumes:

Joop 200ml EDT for men at $55 includes Free Shipping and Personalisation:

Normal price $54.95 + $20 =$74.95 ; after discount code 'trujoop'' $55


Limited stock
Orders will be shipped within 5-7 business days
max. 10 characters to engrave
Not in conjunction with any other discounts and offers.

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  • +2 votes

    Eww. lol

  • +1 vote

    $35 here

    Engraving not worth the price


      Plus shipping = $43.94 (or free shipping $99+)

      Still don't think the price difference with engraving would justify the price discrepancy though, so agree with you.

  • +4 votes

    Seems expensive for the Lynx of "perfumes"


    Shit perfume.


    I've paid $25 ages ago at a local chemist no where near of a deal sorry.


    I wish people would stop wearing this ;)


    I've (sadly?) never heard of this perfume before so I thought I'd look for some reviews. Here's the first one I came across :

    I see this as something appropriate for some fat lady, or a lady with heavy makeup. Why would any man wear it, it's a mystery to my mind.

    and then this:

    I had this perfume some many years ago, bought it on impulse because the bottle looked really nice. Worst.Decision.Ever. It was bad, i was so repulsed by the idea why anyone would wear this. This one scarred me for life, it will remain, forever, the worst perfume i've ever encountered. Definitely buy this for someone you hate.

    It really can't be that bad.So tempted to try it now 🤣

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