Vaccum Seal Setup for Food?


Looking to get a setup where I can vacuum seal my food.

Where do people buy their bags and what machine do you recommend?

Looking to seal anything from freshly caught crabs or fish, to dry aging steak in the fridge.



    I use the Aldi Vacuum sealer with their bags, works great.
    If you are looking to dry age your steaks in the fridge, you can't use the normal plastic vacuum bags as you need a special dry-aging bags that let moisture out and not let anything in.


    I've used the Aldi machine, as well as a few different models of Sunbeam Foodsavers. The Aldi machine did a good job for the price, but I do find the Sunbeams are a bit better overall - especially if you're doing a lot of back to back sealing. I've recently upgraded to the Gamesaver VS9000 - and love it. The main benefit for me is that it also runs off 12v power, so I can take it with me hunting/fishing.

    As for bags, I just buy generic rolls from eBay. I usually buy them in lots of 10 rolls of 6m each, and they usually cost around $3-$4 per roll. I use them for packaging fish and meat prior to freezing - and have never had any issues with the quality of them. I've wet aged venison in vacuum bags, but never realised you could dry age using a vacuum sealed bag (Sounds count-intuitive to me) - but it sounds like you can buy special bags for it.