Club Won't Give Advertised Birthday Meal Vouchers

Been a member of a popular club for years, signing up gets you a free meal at the buffet, among other things in your birthday month or the month after and its been this way for well over a decade. They used to send the vouchers out before your birthday but you have to go in to get them now.

Went last week as its the month after my birthday month as usual and they say they can't give the vouchers as they've changed it to must be in the same month, but they never notified us of this change. We showed up with friends, so we ended up paying for the buffet anyway but I am still a bit annoyed as the whole point of paying the membership fee is this voucher you get, which you only get once a year, and its a very nice perk.

The desks response was, you can use the vouchers in the month after your birthday but you have to get them in the birthday month.

I am wondering, as they advertise this on their website as the reason for membership, could this be a false advertising breach? There is no mention of the change on the website. Technically it doesn't cost them any more to give these vouchers whatever month, and I cant really understand why you have to use it in the 2 months anyway, but those are the rules when signing up and I accept that. I cant help but feel this new rule, and not telling people about it may be deliberate to ensure people don't get the vouchers. I would also understand if you miss out and dont use the voucher, but we showed up on the time as it said in the terms when joining, and could not even be given them.


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    Get your revenge on them. Change license eddress to your parents, add sticker to your license and attend club for free as out of area.


    Threaten them with a tell-all letter to the local paper.


    those are the rules when signing up and I accept that.

    Is the t&c provided when members first join the club?


      Yes but its always been month of your birthday, or next month, they seem to have changed it recently without telling anyone, we got a 5 year membership, and were there in January for someones December birthday. Seems they are just being petty. I don't know how they can have a perk like that, advertise it and then when you have turned up say no. You can only go mid week, monday,tues,wed,thurs, not weekends,fridays or public holidays so was hard to find time and its always been fine the month after your birthday. So when you work, its hard to get the time to go or find a time when everyone is free on those nights.

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    How much even is the membership? Most of the clubs I've been to membership is $1/$2 a year so the best possible outcome would be a refund of $1/$2….

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      Mine are along the lines of $15/year and $15 meal credit on your birthday and discounts on food and bev all the time.


        Right, so not the 'we need to charge a fee to get better licencing conditions' kind of membership then?

        I don't really understand the point about complaining on OzBargain about this sort of thing, complaining to the club is the only thing which can change anything. The maximum remedy anyone else is going to offer is the membership fee. The club might give that or more just to stop the noise.


      Even if it was, its principle. I dont see it as $2. (Its more anyway) but works out amazing value so you just join. I see it as $26+ the free alcoholic drink - $10 , the free coffee $5, the free cake,$9 its an amazing deal. This is oz-bargain, If it cost $2, and its advertised this free voucher, and always had the free voucher for 2 months around your birthday, for them to change it suddenly is a bit petty. Doesn't cost them more for me coming in October vs September and these new terms were not mentioned, that was my only point. I wouldn't turn up a month late again now I know, but now considering if its worth joining with them being inflexible.

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    Happy birthday, anyway.

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    With birthday freebies I always confirm before sitting down or ordering to avoid anything like this happening. Had you said before you were seated you were there for a bday this would have all been cleared up and you wouldn’t have eaten there.


      It happened before we entered the club at the door, as we arranged people we decided to pay anyway and go in. So yes we didnt sit down and start eating expecting it free lol.

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      I order first, and leave it til later. That way if there's a problem… hey, thats your problem now.
      Don't like it? Call a cop.

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    Make sure you tip them


    Bankstown club?

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