Vegetables Delivered Melbourne

Hey Guys,

Sick of buying expensive coles/woolworths Vegetables, does anyone know where i can slightly cheaper prices and have them delivered? Or same prices and organic delivered?

Based in Melbourne,



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    Probably not cheaper, but may be better quality, there are plenty of options available. You need to check out their prices against your current costs and decide from that.

    Nova Fresh
    From the Earth
    Happy Apple
    Micky Booth

    Some of the bigger players (e.g. hellofresh) may not source or deliver from a local site.


      Hello fresh veggies are far from fresh. Partly why I stopped using it. (Mostly was the cost, definitely not cheaper than diy). It’s convenient because it’s all for one meal and portioned out, but things arrive in quite poor conditions and barely last until you want to cook the recipe.

      Happy Apple is great quality, but you are paying for it.


    As above, organic is generally not cheaper (unless growing them).

    Ceres has the broadest and cheapest organic delivery for fruit, vegs, pantry etc, however, they're not always fresh. I've been ordering off them for a couple of years and found them very inconsistent, and wilted perishables are often used in their deliveries.

    Their customer service is also inconsistent and unfriendly.

    I'm still on the search for an alternative organic fruit and veg delivery so following this thread, and hoping for suggestions.


    Trying one of the markets around the city would probably be better and cheaper. Just have to go to them :/


    Have a look at the newly opened fresh fruit place down near Costco at Docklands in Melbourne. They had Truss tomatoes at 99c per kg, big bunches of Asparagus at $2.99 and bananas at $1.99 per kg when I went there the other day. The veggies seem to be pretty fresh. I don't know if they deliver but the free tram goes to the Docklands area there and they have a lot of parking available.

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    So you want fresher, cheaper and delivered? At the most, you can pick 2 out of those 3. We get fresh fruits and veggies from the market. Its a fun morning out with the kids.