How to Shortlist a Solicitor? Looking for One Specialising in Employment Law in Brisbane


I need help with how to effectively compare and shortlist a solicitor? I am looking for one who specializes in employment law in Brisbane. I am an employee in this scenario and need advice on potential discrimination at my current workplace. How do I find which lawyer is most appropriate and cost-effective for this? I wish it was as easy as comparing products/services on!

Any advice will be much appreciated.



  • For a start, in just getting a list….
    Contact Queensland Law society. They will give you a list of solicitors specialising in employment law.

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    Are you a union member?

    They have access to solicitors, often at cheap rates, who specialise in employment related issues.

  • The question isn't so much have you been discriminated against though can you prove that you have been? Hopefully you don't need to spend too much to find out. Depending on your income you may qualify for help through a community legal centre as a starting point.

    A good question to ask yourself is if you were to appear in court tomorrow, what evidence would you show the judge to indicate what happened was because of a protected attribute?

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    Go to a no win no fee, if they aren't interested you probably don't have a case, if they are interested, find a lawyer you can afford.

  • Slater & Gordon specialise in employment law and do a lot of work for unions. crashloaded's advice above is very sound.

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      They don't specialise in employment law, it is just one area they have a strong focus on. If you just want advice on a range of actions you won't get past the phone screeners, if you have a good litigation case and that's what you want to pursue then you'll get an appt. You can get a half hour phone consult with an employment lawer (Law society list is good place to find one) for $200. I've done this before and it was money well spent.

      • You are somewhat pedantic, but whatever floats your boat.

  • I am an employee in this scenario and need advice on potential discrimination at my current workplace.

    Have you talked to your employer about your concerns?

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